Thursday, May 10, 2018

MA: Legally Armed Man Stops Armed Robbery

The officers were told by the couple that they were on their way home when they observed a 29-year-old female being held at gunpoint by a male, later identified as Jeremy Cintron, 20-years-old of 21 Fairfax Road. The robbery was in the area of Sterling and Seymour Streets. Fearing for the female’s safety, the citizen produced his own hand gun that he legally possessed and pointed it at Mr. Cintron. The citizen yelled at him to drop his weapon. At this time Mr. Cintron turned and pointed the weapon at the citizen and began walking towards him. The citizen yelled out several more times to drop the weapon and finally Mr. Cintron complied. The citizen ordered Mr. Cintron to the ground. Once on the ground the citizen placed a knee on his back in an effort to hold him down while the girlfriend called police. The citizen was able to slide Mr. Cintron’s weapon further away from the two in an effort to keep a safe distance.
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