Saturday, May 12, 2018

Open Carry at the NRA 2018 Annual Meeting in Dallas

There was a long line of media waiting to register at the Press Office at the NRA annual meeting in Dallas for 2018.

As I stood in line, watching the attendees walk by, there was a gentleman open carrying this five shot revolver in a cross draw rig. The thumb-break release, held in tight against the body, makes a casual snatch unlikely. In this type of carry, the left arm naturally guards the revolver.

I have seen open carry at the last two NRA annual meetings.

I snapped the picture shown and quickly dashed back to my place in line to register as media for the event.

The NRA policy for carry of firearms at the annual meeting from their website:
Firearms Policy for the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

During the 2018 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, lawfully carried firearms will be permitted in the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center and the Omni Dallas Hotel in accordance with Texas law. When carrying your firearm remember to follow all federal, state, and local laws.

* PLEASE NOTE: Due to the attendance of the Vice President of the United States at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum on Friday, May 4, the U.S. Secret Service will be responsible for event security around the Arena at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. As a result, firearms and firearm accessories, knives or weapons of any kind will be prohibited in the forum prior to and during his attendance. Click here for additional information.

Texas has been the last state to do away with its Reconstruction era bans on the open carry of pistols in most public places. Legislative reform to restore open carry, but with a carry permit, went into effect in 2016

Only five states (10%) generally forbid the open carry of holstered handguns. It appears that Florida and South Carolina are in contention as the next states to restore legal open carry. That would leave only New York, Illinois, and California.

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