Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Top Three Rated "Safe States" are Constitutional Carry States

US News and World Report rates the states for public safety. The rating takes both property crime and violent crime into account. The ratings use the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) data from 2017 for the article this year, as the latest data available. 

The top three states for public safety this year are Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. All three are Constitutional Carry states, which means no permit is required to carry a loaded handgun in most public places, openly, or concealed. That was the state of the law in the nation when the Constitution was ratified on 4 March, 1789. Constitutional carry existed in all states for the first four decades of the Republic. Then states and the courts started chipping away at the Second Amendment.

Vermont has always been a Constitutional Carry state. No permit has been required to carry handguns there since the Constitution was ratified.

Maine became a Constitutional Carry state in 2015. At the time, those opposed claimed that Constitutional Carry would increase street violence. From
Tom Franklin, president of Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence, predicted that passage will lead to more street violence and deaths. The group works to prevent gun violence through gun safety and education.

“I believe this bill reflects the current state of dysfunction in Augusta,” Franklin said Monday night during a telephone interview. “It does not reflect the wishes of Maine people.”

He said his group is deeply concerned about allowing people to carry handguns without a permit.
It hasn't happened. Maine followed the same script as has happened in other states that restore Constitutional Carry. Mostly, nothing but a restoration of personal freedom.

New Hampshire restored Constitutional Carry in 2017.  Opponents said the law would result in dead kids. From
Although those in favor of the legislation argued the bill would not be a safety hazard, Rep. Wayne Burton of Durham told his colleagues it was too risky.

“I think a few inconvenient people is far less important that 12 dead kids," Burton said Wednesday.
It did not happen. New Hampshire continued to be a very safe state.

Of the top ten states on the US News and World Report list, five of them are in Constitutional Carry states. Those states are shown in bold print.  The top ten are:
  1.  Maine
  2.  Vermont
  3.  New Hampshire
  4.  New Jersey
  5.  Idaho
  6.  Virginia
  7.  Rhode Island
  8.  Connecticut
  9.  Wyoming
  10.  Massachusetts
New Jersey, Rhode Island and Massachusetts are "may issue" states. Carry permits are issued in those states at the discretion of the authorities. Virginia and Connecticut are "shall issue" states.  Idaho restored Constitutional Carry in 2016. Opponents said it would endanger the public and law enforcement officers. From
"If signed into law, SB 1389 would dismantle our current system and put Idahoans at risk, including law enforcement officers who risk their safety to protect us," Sharp said. "Moms across Idaho will continue to fight against this bill and to advocate for safer gun laws—our families’ lives depend on it."
Idaho followed the same script as New Hampshire. Nothing much happened. That has been the story across the United States as 13 states joined Vermont as Constitutional Carry States. The right to keep and bear arms is restored back to what it was at the nations founding. People who are not prohibited from owning arms can carry them most places without worrying about being arrested, fined, and jailed.

Other than an increase in personal freedom, a greater respect for the Constitution and the rule of law, very little happens.

According to this poll, about 20% of United States registered voters oppose any limits on government power. The Second Amendment is all about limits on the power of government.

The history of Constitutional Carry shows there is nothing to fear from restoring Second Amendment rights to what they were when the Second Amendment was ratified.

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Anonymous said...

mASSachsetts "safe"? ROFL!!!!

The closest mASS city to me gun violence has soared , despite "tough gun laws", that all the criminals just disregard. This City of ~40,000 averages a shooting a week.

Anonymous said...

The reason the courts started chipping away at the second amendment is the ruling (Unconstitutional ruling) by the supreme court in 1803, in the Marbury v Madison case ruling. The high court is not permitted to increase it's constitutional powers by making a ruling . the courts powers and authority can only be changed by a ratified amendment. The court ruled it had the authority to interpret law. Read the entire constitution and find the word interpret. Save your self some time. the word interpret does not appear any where in the constitution. By the courts own ruling "if it is not physically written the authority does not exist" American law is not permitted to be interpreted. Only the words actually written have any force or effect. Another ruling states " an unconstitutional law is void on it's face" Supreme court rulings are viewed as law. Any one can access the supreme court ruling from beginning to present and find many erroneous rulings that are unconstitutional, they are not law they are definitions of compliance with the law The framers of the constitution implied or suggested that lawyers/attorneys never be elected to public office at any level of government. Lawyers are not trained to enforce the law, they would never make any money . they are trained to twist the law if they want to win. count the number of lawyers in elected government offices, the line of flow lawyers become judges. Point in fact of law any one can be elected to a judicial office without any legal training. It rarely happened but it is possible. Now you have the information you can start figuring out why our constitution and our guaranteed rights are so messed up. According to the American standard of law, the volumes of American Jurisprudence. A judicial officer that does not enforce the law as actually written is an activist judge. To be an activist judge is a disgrace, a violation of the oath of office. And a violation of the public trust. an activist judge is required to resign or be impeached and removed from office. When a judicial officer violates his or her oath of office, they immediately lose all power and authority of that office nothing they do after violating their oath of office in an official capacity is valid. A judicial officer that can not make a ruling according to the written law must recuse him or her self from that case. Any law that a judicial officer thinks is a bad law must be enforced as written until that law is changed Or they can dismiss the case. If a judicial officer makes a ruling no in compliance with the actual wording of that law. His ruling is void and he or she is no longer a judge.

Anonymous said...

Par two. Only a judicial officer with an affidavit of an oath of office on file with the secretary of State and the affidavit must be renewed after every election. is a valid judicial officer. Only a judicial officer can impose a fine, for any thing and only after a valid hearing. Fines is an issue that has been abused all over this country in many different ways. I stuck it to la Paz county community development. an employee was acting as a hearing officer and issuing fines for non compliance with county regulations. " said I'll have to fine you $50 dollars a day until you come into compliance. I said do you have an affidavit of an oath of office as a judicial officer on file with the secretary of state? If not you are committing a felony for impersonating a judicial officer. take your fine and stick it up you *** and I walked out. I haven't been bothered since. Plann8ing and zoning said they were going to have my old truck towed away and send me the bill. I said go ahead, they said you mean you want us to tow it. I said no but I have never shot any one for stealing one of my licensed and insured vehicles before. be sure and send someone you don't like. That truck has been sitting there for over 15 years and has been licensed and insured for every day it has been there. the truck is still sitting there. I knew before I went to that hearing the guy was not a valid judicial officer. two weeks later five county employees were looking for another job. I hear they are pulling this illegal game on people in northern California right now. If you read law make sure you understand what you are reading. Ignorance of the law is no excuse and there are only about 63 million laws, regulations and act on the books in this country and only about 90% of them are unconstitutional for one reason or another.

Anonymous said...

Part three, any one to lazy or stupid to read the constitution until they understand it deserves any thing that happened to them.

Anonymous said...

The words Shall and Shall Not are very important words in law. they are the strongest language that can be used. they express an absolute command. That is why the framers used them in the second amendment Shall Not Be infringed. the word infringed was used because it is an all encompassing word. It means nothing related to the right can be considered. Not only that but constitutionally guaranteed rights can not be taxed. Any taxes on you phone bill?. A permit or a license is unconstitutional, they are infringements on a guaranteed right. Years ago the supreme court ruled vagrancy and J walking laws are unconstitutional. there is nothing in the constitution that requires any one to have a job. You cant pay for a permit or a license if you have no money. therefore they are an infringement. No one is required to have money. Stepping into the street is necessary to mount your horse or enter your car.

Anonymous said...

In a town of 40.000 pretty soon things will calm down there can only be so many that need to be shot. Once they are all gone respect for the other person will return. An armed society is a polite society. Shoot first, save money on asylums the crazies can escape from. If you have the right to be in public or on the street you have the right of self defense. the reason you have the right of self defense is to guard against those that should not be on the street and have not been put away yet. It is a civic duty to end criminal behavior. That is why self defense includes the defense of others that need help defending them selves. Local police forces did not exist for the first 200 years. People stopped taking responsibility for their own protection. They will never be able to tax enough to supply one cop for every individual. I carry a gun because cops are to heavy.

Anonymous said...

Gun violence has not soared, communications and reporting has improved. there were a lot of self defense situations long before the communications and reporting improved. Now with gun issues being such a hot topic every thing makes the news. the creation of soft targets may have helped with any increase. Wal-Mart just added several thousand soft targets. If you have a valid reason to shoot call the cops afterward. they will drag the body off for free. Grave digging is hard work.