Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Illinois: Principal suspended over alleged illegal guns "Authorities have temporarily removed the principal of a Chicago elementary school from his post after finding a large number of allegedly unregistered firearms at his South Side home. Police say 50-year-old John Lewis was charged with 61 counts of possessing unregistered firearms after the guns were found at his home during a weekend raid. Police said Lewis had a valid firearm owner's identification card -- but for only one of the guns. Lewis was the principal of Libby Elementary School on 53rd Street."

Florida: Gun-toting folks patrol as a river runs over: "Stress builds among the stubborn who refuse to abandon their watery homes. As other Citrus County residents count up cloudless days since Hurricane Jeanne, people who live on the Withlacoochee River watch it continue to rise and fill their lives with misery. Stories of burglaries abound. Many of the independent-minded people who live in Arrowhead have resorted to taking matters into their own hands. They carry guns and patrol the neighborhood looking for looters despite the close watch of the area by the Sheriff's Office and the closure of the river and roads to boat and car traffic. ... With many homes in the neighborhood evacuated and abandoned, deputies cannot patrol all of the mostly rutted and -- now flooded -- dirt roads that carve through the community's thick forest, which hides most Arrowhead homes. 'There's only so much the Sheriff's Office can do,' said Sonny Groves, who lives on River Road. 'We have to protect our own.'"

Arizona: Killer of two Tucson teens acted in self-defense: "Tucson Police and Pima County attorneys say they now know who killed two teenagers last month. But, they can't go after him in court. ... It's [near this South side strip mall] that 16-year-old Buelna and his friend, 19-year-old Johnny Urquidez died in their car, surrounded by weapons. 'Both victims had handguns still in their hands and shotguns right at their sides,' said the County's Chief Criminal Deputy, Rick Unklesbay. Mesa claimed self-defense. After a thorough investigation by Tucson Police, officers agreed with him. He says he fired at the teenagers only after Buelna pointed his gun."

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