Sunday, October 31, 2004

A story from one of my medical correspondents:

"Years ago, I answered a "code call" (for cardiac arrest) in the ER. The "victim" was dead - with about a dozen bullet holes within a few inches of his mid-chest (good shooting by any standards).

Apparently, this guy ignored restraining orders by his ex and he had assaulted her several times; local cops in Lubbock TX (a very conservative place) had encouraged her to get a gun - the results indicated that she did her homework.

On his "final adventure" - he couldn't get into the house because she had locked herself in and barricaded the windows - but, no problem - with a fire axe he chopped a hole in the wall of the house and entered - one last time.

New York: "Gunkeeper" streamlines pistol permits: "The Rensselaer County [NY] Legislature has approved a new system of issuing pistol permits, which it describes as similar to a driver's license and more accurate and secure than the old system. Prior to the measure's passage on Oct. 12, pistol permits were issued on a paper card, to which a photo of the permit holder was attached. Any amendments or changes in condition to the license were written on the card. The new 'Gunkeeper' system is based on a plastic card that is issued to the permit-holder -- a photo is embossed on the plastic card along with name, address, date of birth and other basic information. Conditions of the license's issuance are printed on the back along with a digital image of the holder's fingerprint."

Illinois: Fatal shooting deemed justified: "No charges will be filed in connection with the death of a Lacon man who burst into a home in the middle of the night and was shot by the homeowner. Douglas Sullivan, 37, was shot once in the chest with a 9-mm handgun and died almost instantly, authorities said. Marshall County State's Attorney Paul Bauer said homeowner Brad Burns was justified in shooting Sullivan with his registered handgun. Bauer said there was no clear reason why Sullivan would have targeted the family, but initial reports said he had been drinking at a party near the Burnses' home."

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