Thursday, October 28, 2004

Sadly, domestic violence not a top priority: "A district attorney went before the parole board and begged it not to grant her former husband a parole, because, he said, he would kill her. The board ignored his impassioned plea. Eventually, the parolee tracked her (or should I say his property?) down, and as he broke down her door carrying four guns, she blew him away with a shotgun. Without being unkind to those who work for these potential women victims, let's just say our society doesn't put enough pressure on politicians, police and judges to get it right. Perhaps the police should offer issuing a shotgun and two days of training to any woman who gets a protection from abuse order. Maybe the National Rifle Association could do more in this area. That is not being facetious. I have seen some of their ads whereby women are trained in the use of guns and feel better protected."

The equalizer again: Woman shoots armed intruder: "A woman sitting on her couch watching television shot and critically injured an armed intruder who kicked through her door late Monday night, police said. Nakie Thomas, 29, shot Elliot Thompson, 30, as he and another man broke into her home .... Thomas shot at Thompson four or five times, hitting a window once, the television once and him twice in the chest, police said.'She was in her home either seated on or near the couch,' said Bellizzie. 'As they kicked the door in, she proceeds to unload on them with her weapon.'"

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