Saturday, October 30, 2004

Texas: Teen suspended after gun found in car: "A Tivy High School student was suspended Thursday and had his 12-gauge shotgun confiscated after it was spotted in the back seat of his vehicle on campus. According to school and police officials, School Resource Officer Arnold Harst spotted a gun case on the back seat of the Honda car during a routine parking lot check. A statement from the school said school administrators identified the parking permit holder and brought him out of class to the vehicle, where a shotgun was found in the case. There was no ammunition in the vehicle, and the gun was unloaded. Superintendent Dan Troxell said the student explained he had been bird hunting several days earlier and had forgotten the gun was in the car."

Nevada: Columnist shoots intruder: "Pahrump Valley Times outdoors columnist Dan Simmons shot and wounded an intruder Tuesday morning during a terrifying home invasion .... Simmons said the man told him to step outside; instead he went to retrieve his .357 handgun for the second time in an hour. He ordered his neighbor and her daughter into a backroom. A moment later the inlaid glass of his front door shattered. Simmons returned to the kitchen and saw the suspect in his home. He aimed and fired, hitting the suspect in the left shoulder. The bullet traveled through the man's body and lodged into the doorjamb. Simmons said the man dropped down, uttered an expletive, and then stood back up and fled. Police were once again summoned to the home. "I told them I shot the guy."

Jury clears farmer of injuring thief "A jury has cleared a Northland farmer on a charge of shooting and injuring a man trying to steal his quad bike. After a five-day trial in the Kaikohe District Court, Paul McIntyre was last night found not guilty on a charge that, with reckless disregard for the safety of others, he injured Samuel Hati of Moerewa on October 20, 2002. McIntyre also faced a second charge that, without reasonable cause, he discharged a shotgun and put the safety of others at risk. The jury, which took nine hours deliberating, could not agree on a verdict on the lesser charge."

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