Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Send them guns: "The Darfur problem could be solved in a month if we set the machinists of Connecticut back to work manufacturing M-14 and M-16 rifles and plenty of ammo ('job creation?') and air-dropped these tools of freedom to the black tribesmen of Darfur so they could defend themselves. Add up the value of the guns and declare our U.N. dues paid for the next century. Remember that last great African genocide, in Rwanda? Most of the killings were done with machetes. How do you use a machete to kill someone who has a gun? You can't. That genocide, as well, was caused by a ban on possession of modern, military-style self-defense weapons. Send them guns."


"It was the fear of becoming a target that made Vicki Keefer decide to buy a handgun 12 years ago. Now, at 64, she seldom leaves her Southside Jacksonville home without a 9mm semiautomatic tucked inside her purse. "If somebody tries to get into my car, come into my home or harm me in some way, at least I can even up the playing field," Keefer said. "They have just picked the wrong granny, that's all."

She is among the more than 130,000 Florida residents over age 50 who have a concealed weapons license and is part of an age group that has steadily accounted for about 38 percent of the state's issued permits.

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