Tuesday, October 12, 2004

This weapon is set to stun!: "It's a fair question: 'What do the anti-gun people say when they see your film, Innocents Betrayed?' No matter what business you are in -- from landscaping to cooking, from health care to accounting, from trucking to making music -- you have to face the customers and the critics. It is no different when you make a strong film designed to persuade. Naturally, people have wanted to know whether Innocents Betrayed can survive criticism from the anti-self defense, gun-prohibitionist crowd. ... The folks at Salon.com called it 'outlandish' and tried their hardest to just broad-brush and dismiss the message. They wrote that Innocents Betrayed 'attributes most of the 20th century's genocides, as well as lynching, the Japanese-American internment and the rape of Nanking, to gun control.' To describe the film as simplistically as possible, they said: 'it first explains how a particular government passed laws limiting the ownership of weapons, and then cuts to pornographic montages of mutilated corpses.'"

The Democrats' spin on gun control: "Have the Democrats really changed on gun control? Would it matter whether Senator John Kerry or President George Bush won the election this year? Democrats have spent much time and effort trying to alter their anti-gun image. They seem to believe that the answers to gun questions really matter for the campaign."

Self defense banquet: "It was a joyous celebration of life, on the 10th anniversary of Arizona's self-defense law, which allows citizens with permits to discreetly carry a concealed weapon. Roughly half the attendees wore sidearms openly, in traditional, legal, Arizona style. Despite unusually long waits for dinner at the back of the huge Shrine Auditorium banquet hall, staff was treated courteously, the maitre de was pleased, and everyone had an excellent prime rib dinner and a good time. Several piles of cash from the event were counted openly in the hall without incident. 'It's the safest room in town,' said one of the guests."

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