Monday, October 18, 2004

Teen suspended over Civil War weapon: "A teen-age Civil War buff has been suspended from school and faces serious charges after his replica musket was found in his car trunk at school in the Orange County community of Pine Bush. Joshua Phelps had been at a re-enactment with his Civil War costume, including a musket last week. He threw the uniform and equipment into his truck and forgot about it. Yesterday a security guard at the Pine Bush High School saw it and called police. Phelps was sitting in study hall when the security guard told him to go to the assistant principal. When he was told they saw the rifle he wasn't concerned -- thinking they would understand it's part of his costume. But it didn't happen that way. Town of Crawford Police were called and Phelps was cuffed and charged with a misdemeanor charge of criminal possession of a weapon."

Wyoming: Hunter kills grizzly after mauling of friend: "An Indiana man who shot and killed a grizzly bear that had just mauled his friend during a hunting trip in Wyoming says he wept after the 600-pound animal crashed to the ground, mortally wounded. ... Hughes and Scott were out of sight of one another when Hughes heard a gunshot followed by the sounds of an animal crashing toward him through the brush. He expected an elk, but was shocked to see a 600-pound grizzly bear break through the brush only about 12 steps from where he was standing. Hughes said he didn't have time to think. 'Instincts took over,' said Hughes, who fired once. When the bear continued its charge, he fired a second time and the dying animal fell a few feet from him. ... he now faces the scrutiny of the federal government for killing an endangered protected species."


If she had been allowed to have a gun she would have had a chance

"The hearing was told Alan Pemberton, 48, killed his wife and 16-year-old son, before turning the gun on himself.

Earlier, the coroner was told Mrs Pemberton pleaded with a police operator that she had "about one minute before I die" as she hid in a downstairs cupboard while her husband rampaged through their home in Hermitage, Berkshire. However, despite receiving the call at 7.11pm, police did not enter the property until 1.53am the following day.

Mr Mullane called for the police response to firearm incidents to be looked at. He also said his sister should have had more protection from her husband.

But Thames Valley Police superintendent Jim Trotman said: "I am confident that Thames Valley Police offered Julia Pemberton advice and support which we felt was appropriate at the time." [advice and support!]

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