Sunday, February 04, 2007

AR: Landlord -- change deadly force law: "A Pine Bluff woman charged with second degree battery following a 2005 incident in which her gun discharged during an altercation says her case illustrates why legislators should remove the requirement of Arkansas' law that civilians retreat before they use deadly force. Jean Painton of Pine Bluff, president of the Jefferson County Landlord's Association, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday at the state Capitol that she was charged with a criminal offense and sued in civil court for attempting to intervene with a gun to help an 11-year-old at an apartment near her office."

GA: Pair of gun bills shoot through committee: "Two bills meant to beef up protections for Georgia's gun owners passed committee Monday and will move on for debate in the state House of Representatives.House Bill 6 makes it illegal for law enforcement to seize a law-abiding person's gun during an emergency situation, such as a flood. It also removes the governor's power to suspend the transportation or sale of firearms in such a crisis.And House Bill 89 would make it legal to hide a gun anywhere in a vehicle, clarifying a law that currently requires the gun to be fully visible or in a glove box or console. Under this new law, a driver could keep their gun under their seat, for example, said state Rep. Tim Bearden, who is sponsoring the change."

Give them a shot: "You hear about it all the time. Every day, people walk into reputable gun shops, purchase all sorts of dangerous weaponry, and shoot up whomever happens to be nearby. When D&L Shooting Supplies was just by Lippitt Elementary school in Warwick, kids were getting shot on a daily basis. So we can certainly expect the same now that it's moving near Robertson Elementary. From the outrage expressed by some parents, you'd almost think the paragraph above was in some way true. Fortunately, that's not remotely the case. We don't mind parents wanting to provide a safe scholastic environment for their children. But the protests about D&L's relocation make little sense."

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