Monday, February 12, 2007

GA: Man in critical condition after killing intruder: "A Coweta County man was hospitalized in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the chest after killing the intruder who shot him early Thursday morning.Police said the two men were part of a domestic dispute that erupted in gunfire in the normally quiet Coweta County neighborhood. According to investigators, the victim, Kevin Went, and his girlfriend were inside the home on St. James Place near Sharpsburg at the time of a violent intrusion. The girlfriend's ex-boyfriend kicked down the door about 5:30 a.m. with a gun in hand. Both men started to argue and both started shooting."

AZ: Legislators seek to ease claims of self-defense: "State lawmakers are working to overturn one man's murder conviction and make it easier for a Tucson man facing similar charges to escape prosecution -- all in the name of self-defense. The Senate Judiciary Committee is to consider legislation today to retroactively add language to a change in a self-defense law approved last year. The new wording would say last year's law applies to any case that had not yet gone to the jury. Most immediately that would nullify a jury's guilty verdict in the case of Harold Fish, a retired Tolleson schoolteacher convicted of the 2004 murder of a hiker in Coconino County. The jury rejected Fish's arguments that he was acting in self-defense. That case was conducted under law in effect when the murder took place -- rules that required a defendant to prove he or she had no choice but to use physical force. The law was changed effective April 24, 2006, to put the burden instead on prosecutors to prove a defendant did not act in self-defense. "

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