Saturday, February 03, 2007

Let's truly prevent violent crime: "Determining effective solutions to the violence, which threatens our communities requires real honest efforts to keep us safe. Cosmetic answers to complex problems might present the allusion of safety, yet more suitable solutions to ending violence are required. Guns have been epitomized as the culprit to disorder in society. This shallow explanation for the causes of social disorder has blinded many people from the truth. Stricter gun-control laws will ultimately fail in reducing crime. As a committed educator I am fully aware that the proper guidance of our children, and the acceptance of personal responsibility for our individual actions provides the soundest solution to addressing all forms of violence pervading our communities."

OK: Former athlete killed in home invasion: "Oklahoma City police were called to an apartment at 2201 NW 122 about 8:30 a.m. Saturday. Police were responding to a 'home-invasion' call. When they arrived they found 33-year-old Richard Dean dead. Dean also goes by Mandrell Dean. Mandrell was a well-known athlete at Millwood Public School. He also played for the Oklahoma Wranglers, and had signed to play with the Green Bay Packers. Police say 17-year-old Brandus Clayton shot Dean after he had broken into his apartment, demanding money and jewels. Clayton said he gave Dean what he wanted, but Dean demanded more. Police say that is when Clayton's girlfriend asked Dean to leave. Dean became mad and assaulted the female, according to authorities. The 17-year-old victim then reached for a firearm kept close by and shot Dean."

OH: Armed criminals attack churchgoers: "The Columbus Dispatch reported this week that two criminals brought a pistol into a church and began robbing churchgoers during Mass. Due to a state law which prohibits firearms in places of worship, all the victims were unarmed. Thankfully, however, that did not transform at least five of the churchgoers into a victim mindset. ... Moments later, four other parishioners "came through the doors like football players," Carol said. They tackled Hollingsworth and piled on top of him as he squirmed to get free. The four, who were between their late 50s and early 70s, stayed atop Hollingsworth until police arrived moments later. "One guy, I betcha in his 70s, was laying into the bad guy with no fear at all," Bob said. "Those four were heroes. They knew he had a gun." These two criminals couldn't have cared less about state legislators establishing this private property as a victim disarmament zone. A gun control law which prohibits felons from even possessing firearms didn't stop Hollingsworth either .... As is typical, only the law-abiding citizens (in this case churchgoers) followed the law, and as a consequence were forced to face armed criminals with nothing but their empty hands."

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