Monday, February 05, 2007

OH: Store clerk fights back: "For the second time in a week, a store clerk fought back against would-be robbers. The attempted robbery occurred at the Walford Market in Clinton Township at about 8 p.m., NBC 4's David Wayne reported. Police said 19-year-old Shandos Young and 18-year-old Justin Cockrell entered the market with bandanas over their faces and threatened the owner and another employee. The store owner wrestled the gun away from one of the robbers and then fired the gun at them. 'I seen these guys storm in with their guns. I dropped the phone, backed away, drew my gun and fired two shots and just tried to get them out of the store,' said Clive Weidle, the store clerk."

WI: Trumped up charges for pizza deliveryman who shot robbers: "A pizza deliveryman who has shot two people on the job in the past seven months was hit with his first criminal charge Wednesday: carrying a concealed weapon. Andres Vegas, 46, who told authorities that the teenagers he shot last month and in July were trying to rob him, appeared in court and was released on a $1,500 signature bond Wednesday. He faces up to nine months in jail and a $10,000 fine if convicted of the misdemeanor. ... The complaint says the suspect admitted trying to rob Vegas, who prosecutors then determined was justified in the shooting. But because Vegas' gun had been on 'the front passenger seat beside the pizzas,' it met the definition of a concealed weapon. The complaint also says that 'prosecutorial discretion' was why Vegas wasn't charged in the July shooting, even though he 'admitted to carrying a gun on his person in a concealed manner.' But Vegas was warned then that he could not carry a concealed gun for protection on his job."

More mayors join victim disarmament conspiracy: "Thirty-one more mayors from across the country have signed up for the Coalition of Mayors Against Illegal Guns since the group held a national summit in Washington on Tuesday. Mayor Bloomberg, who co-chairs the coalition with Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, said the membership spike shows 'that momentum is building for our effort to crack down on illegal [sic] guns and convince state legislatures and Congress to take ideology out of law enforcement.'"

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