Tuesday, February 20, 2007

AR: New bill would recognize right to shoot intruders: "A new bill under consideration could give some Mid-Southerners more rights when it comes to protecting themselves and their homes. That bill is causing some controversy. The bill proposed by Pine Bluff State Senator Jerry Taylor would let a homeowner shoot an intruder on the property outside their house. It is a bill prosecutors in Arkansas do not like. Richard Butler Senior knows what it means to shoot an intruder in your home. Last year his son was at his house when a man broke in and threatened to kill him. He shot the man who ran outside. Butler's son was never charged because his life was in danger when he shot the man. Under a new bill proposed in Arkansas, a homeowner would be able to shoot an intruder, not only in his or her house, but on their property as well. The lawn and the out buildings are also considered in the proposal."

Gun control candidates need not apply: "For the American electorate, candidates who commit to the concealed carry bills and who see them signed into law will show a deeper respect for citizens and the law of the land than gun control obsessives. ... Rudy Giuliani announced in a tour through Kalifornia that his gun control helped reduce crime in New York. (Gun control puts the K in Kalifornia.) ... Gun control contributes nothing to crime control any more than delaying police contributes to crime control. It harms innocent constituents by disarming the very people on whose authority police operate."

LA: Judge cites Nagin, Riley in gun rights lawsuit: "A federal judge has held New Orleans' mayor and police chief in contempt of court because a city lawyer repeatedly ignored deadlines for answering questions from two gun-rights groups that succeeded in stopping police from seizing guns from law-abiding citizens after Hurricane Katrina. In a written order Monday, U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier rebuked Assistant City Attorney Joseph DiRosa for 'wholly unprofessional conduct' that 'shall not be condoned' for his repeated failure to hand over information in a lawsuit seeking a permanent order blocking such gun seizures. Barbier, scheduled in June to try the case filed by the National Rifle Association and Second Amendment Foundation against the city, said DiRosa admitted he had 'no good reason' for failing to respond on time to information requests from the plaintiffs."

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