Wednesday, February 21, 2007

SC: WWII vet says he shot man who invaded his home armed with rifle: "An Orangeburg man says he shot another man who broke into his home, while the person who was shot is telling another story. A 24-year-old Minel Street man remains hospitalized at the Regional Medical Center after being shot at least once in the back.... No charges were filed against any of the parties believed to have been involved in the incident as of late Tuesday. Jackson, who fired his weapon from his bed, calls the incident a home invasion.... The wounded man, meanwhile, says it was perhaps a misunderstanding. He told deputies that he, a friend and a female acquaintance were at the female's house drinking beer early Tuesday. The trio then left because he "needed to talk to the man about some money," according to an Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office incident report. The wounded man said that while brandishing a gun, his friend kicked in the front door to the residence and ran inside, according to the report. There, the friend encountered the 80-year-old Jackson. The invader then fled the residence, the report states. When the second man tried to flee, he was shot in the back and fell, he said".

IL: Cook County withdraws "bullet tax" plan: "With a ban on assault weapons set to take effect in Cook County, Ill., on Monday, the county's board of commissioners has rejected a novel approach to dealing with a $500 million budget deficit -- an attempt to impose a tax on bullets. Commissioner Roberto Maldonado, who proposed the plan at a county board meeting on Feb. 6, told Cybercast News Service on Friday that while the amount of money it would have raised -- about $735,000 per year -- was 'very small,' the ordinance would have re-affirmed 'that we are an anti-gun, anti-violence type of community.'"

Third mayor bows out of antigun coalition: "A third mayor has bowed out of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun mayors' coalition, saying he is in favor of disarming criminals, but 'not at the risk of losing our Constitutional freedom.' SAF learned from the staff at Gun Week that Rio Rancho, NM Mayor Kevin Jackson has withdrawn from Mayors Against Illegal Guns, without having attended a single meeting of the group, which now reportedly involves more than 150 mayors."

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