Saturday, February 10, 2007

MS: Auto repair shop robbed for 29th time: "Maybe he hit the guy when he fired his .38, maybe he didn't, but Eugene Miner is fed up either way. On Sunday, the longtime Jackson business owner was burglarized again, the 29th time that has happened to his auto repair business, he said. It was the second time in two days. He can't take it anymore. 'I think I hit one of them,' he said Monday morning. 'He was limping when he was going up that hill there.' .... What happened, according to both Miners, is this: Two skinny guys in a white 1991 Ford Crown Victoria backed up to the same bay door that had been broken into the day before. Eugene Miner said he'd fixed the door with metal and wood, and that he knew it was a 1991 Crown Vic because he's in the auto business and knows cars. A short black man with light skin and a taller black man with dark skin broke through the door with a 2-by-4. The Miners said they watched all this from the shop's office, adjacent to the repair bay where the burglars were but separated by thick glass. Eugene Miner said the tall guy crawled on the floor next to an undamaged bay door. The other guy stayed where he was. "That's when I started shooting," he said."

NYC gun stings questionable, feds say: "Private investigators hired by the city to conduct sting operations on out-of-state gun shops could be breaking the law, and the dealers they caught making illegal sales will not be prosecuted, federal officials said Thursday. City officials have sued more than two dozen dealers after hiring investigators to pose as buyers attempting straw purchases, in which one person fills out the paperwork for the gun but is buying for someone else. The scam is often used by convicted felons and others barred from owning firearms.... The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives announced in May it was reviewing whether the city acted legally. "Potential legal liabilities" arise when civilians do the work of law enforcers, Department of Justice spokesman Bryan Sierra said Thursday. The department has decided charges are not warranted against dealers in the sting cases, he said. It was unclear whether the private investigators could face charges" [BATFE doesn't like anybody else on its turf]

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