Friday, February 02, 2007

CO: "Make my day" law may be refurbished: "Lawmakers are looking at expanding Colorado's 'Make My Day' law -- which says people who use deadly force to protect themselves in their homes can't be prosecuted. A proposal called 'Make My Day Better' would also protect people who use deadly force to protect themselves in their businesses and automobiles."

Introducing America's gun owners: "The right of Americans to bear arms, as stipulated in the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution, will soon get a microscopic examination as different presidential candidates establish their positions on gun ownership. I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce the readers of this column, and by extension their candidates, to American gun owners. I won't pretend gun owners are a homogeneous group, but it's safe to say that a significant portion of them resemble the folks I've described below in their beliefs and actions."

KS: Locals rewriting concealed-carry? "Even before Kansas had a concealed-carry law, the 2005 Legislature tried to ensure that locals couldn't restrict gun rights more tightly than the state. Now, though, some cities are putting their own spin on concealed-carry, following the League of Kansas Municipalities' view that cities, like other property owners [owners??], can opt not to allow concealed handguns in their workplaces and on their property."

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