Tuesday, February 13, 2007

SC: Man found not guilty in '05 shooting: "An Horry County jury acquitted a Garden City man of murder after about 12 hours of deliberations that began Wednesday afternoon, according to court officials. Around 2 a.m. Thursday, the jury returned its verdict for Henry 'Luke' Bramlett, finding him not guilty of all charges in the shooting death of Robert 'Wayne' Tomlinson in August 2005, assistant 15th Circuit Solicitor George DeBusk said.... Bramlett was accused of shooting Tomlinson, his former neighbor, 13 times with a .22-caliber rifle during a dispute over the placement of a storage shed on Tomlinson's property.... While the prosecution and defense agreed Bramlett shot Tomlinson, Martin argued Bramlett did so in defense of himself and his property. Prosecutors maintained that Tomlinson was killed in cold blood because Tomlinson offended Bramlett. The argument revolved around a carport Tomlinson had on his property. Bramlett was annoyed with the placement of the carport because it stood only inches from his property line, violating county zoning. The argument boiled over Aug. 18, 2005, when Tomlinson confronted Bramlett and Bramlett shot him."

Banning handguns would save lives? It just ain't so!: "A Los Angeles Times opinion piece by Jennifer Price last February, 'Gun Lobby's Perfect Aim,' asks: why not ban handguns? She was writing in anger and sorrow over the murder of her brother David and his wife, by the wife's mother. Emotion is a poor basis for public policy, and the essay demonstrates a poor grasp of the underlying problems."

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