Monday, June 16, 2008

Gunslinger Obama

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Barack Obama channels his inner Sean Connery as he describes his approach to the upcoming campaign:
Barack Obama is warning supporters that the general election fight between him and John McCain may get ugly, but the Illinois senator is vowing not to back down. "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun," Obama said at a fundraiser in Philadelphia Friday, according to pool reports.

Uh huh. I hope he also brings a gun permit, a trigger lock, and a good lawyer. And a health care plan. In his next fantasy I suppose Obama will want to channel his inner Clint Eastwood, who once explained that "I've got a firm policy on gun control. If there's a gun around, I want to be the one controlling it."

Florida shooting follows firebombing: "The shooting happened early Tuesday morning after deputies said two men threw a firebomb at a car parked in Richard Stockdale's driveway. Authorities said Adam Stockdale, 19, came out with a gun and waited for the men to return. When they returned, investigators said one of the men, Micah Colton Cox, 19, came at Adam and hit him with a baton. Authorities said Stockdale fired his gun and struck Cox in the stomach, critically injuring him. Investigators said Stockdale may be protected by Florida's Castle Doctrine, a law that allows a person to shoot in self defense anytime they feel threatened. Several neighbors who also own guns said they support the law. The Osceola County Sheriff's Office is investigating whether any charges will be filed in connection with the shooting. However, the two men suspected of initiating the attack, Cox and Dennis Fredrick Lawyer, 23, both face charges of arson and firebombing."

Israel getting a castle doctrine: "The Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee yesterday approved for second and third readings a broad version of the "Shai Dromi Bill," which absolves from criminal responsibility anyone who kills or injures an intruder in his home, business or farm. This decision means that the law can be passed in second and third plenum readings before the Knesset is potentially dissolved. It is expected to pass in the plenum within two weeks... Negev rancher Shai Dromi was charged with manslaughter after shooting intruders on his ranch. The Shai Dromi Bill is aimed at avoiding a trial in these cases. During the Knesset's winter term a severe disagreement arose between the MKs and officials in the attorney general's office, regarding whether the law would apply only to homes, or also to businesses and farms. Ben-Sasson referred the matter for decision to the ministerial committee on legislation, which decided on a broad interpretation that includes farms and even grazing land. According to the version approved yesterday, "a person shall not be held criminally responsible for an action that was necessary immediately to repel someone breaking into or entering a residence, place of business or fenced farm, with the intention of perpetrating a crime, or someone trying to break in."


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that the castle doctrine is on the rise. Ohio passed theirs last week, and other states are considering it too.

Anonymous said...

I am Stephanie Morosi and I was in jail for 3 months plus was forced to sell my home after it was abandoned and vandalized after begging the police for a restraining order. I have never been convicted of anything but falsely arrested on bogus charges two prior times. Since I had nude photos on the internet, the police thought I deserved to be killed by an abusive male who beat up 3 women before me because he was a security officer