Friday, December 05, 2008

AK: Man shot, then arrested : “A shootout at Trapper Creek on Sunday ended with one man both shot and then arrested after he and a neighbor faced off during a domestic dispute, Alaska State Troopers said. …. the altercation started when Blodgett got into a fight with a woman at his home on East Wolf Trail in Trapper Creek. The woman left and went to a nearby house on Bradley Road where the other man lived, Peters said.Blodgett followed her, pulled up to the house on a snowmachine and an argument started. Things escalated, and Blodgett fired multiple shots at the home and at the other man but did not hit him, Peters said.The other man returned fire and shot Blodgett in the leg, troopers said. ”

OH: Man shot during home invasion : "Deputies in Gallia County are investigating a home invasion where one of the suspects was shot. The sheriff’s office says it happened shortly after midnight on Clay Lick Road. They say that after the suspects broke into the home, they brandished a weapon at the homeowner. Investigators say the homeowner was able to get a shotgun and shoot one of the suspects in the shoulder. Both suspects were able to flee the scene. Investigators say a short time later; the sheriff’s office got a call form Holzer Medical Center that a man had been dropped off at the emergency room with a gunshot wound to the chest. That man is believed to be one of the home invasion suspects. He was later transferred to St. Mary’s Medical Center in Huntington. He is said to be in critical, but stable condition. Investigators believe the driver of the car was the other suspect in the home invasion."

Welcome to Kennesaw, Georgia - we're packin' : "In 1981, Morton Grove, IL passed a law prohibiting citizens within the city limits to own firearms. In response, the city council of Kennesaw, GA unanimously passed a city ordinance in 1982 requiring heads of households to own at least one firearm with ammunition. The crime rate in Kennesaw at the time was already quite low . but nonetheless, the crime rate dropped even lower (by 89%) after the ordinance was passed. In 1998, Decatur, GA, (another Atlanta suburb with a population of comparable size to that of Kennesaw) reported 4,049 property crimes per 100,000 residents, while Kennesaw had merely 243 property crimes per 100,000 . Morton Grove has a crime rate of about 10 times that of Kennesaw."

Why America's gun owners are justifiably up in arms : "From the prospect of an incoming president and vice president with decidedly anti-gun-rights voting records, to a liberal West Coast mayor determined to ban firearms by `executive order' without benefit of city council or legislative review, American gun owners have good reason to doubt the sincerity of Liberal Democrats now in control of Congress and soon to control the Oval Office, who claim to support firearm civil rights."

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