Thursday, December 11, 2008

FL: Pizza man fires at would-be robbers: "A Dominoes delivery driver in Titusville fought back during a robbery attempt, turning the table on two would-be crooks. Jerry Johnson was making a pizza delivery when he was attacked. That's when he said he fired his gun in self-defense. "When I pulled up, I noticed it was dark. I've been doing this for like ten years. I know what it looks like. People have their lights on, they're expecting you. This looked fishy," said Johson. It was just one shot, but it was loud enough to get Jason England out of bed. "I didn't know what it was. I just heard a loud bang," said England. One of England's neighbors had ordered the pizza on Saturday night. Witnesses saw police surveying landscaping, which may have proved the perfect cover for the suspects. "They had bandannas on and they were pretty intent on hurting me. I'm glad I had my protection with me," said Johnson. "I pulled it out. I shot at one of them. He might be shot for all I know."

CO: Vietnamese criminal invades restaurant where 3 cops were lunching -- gets shot 5 times but lives: "A Denver jury convicted a man Tuesday on numerous charges from a shootout with police last fall at a Vietnamese restaurant. Prosecutors said Phuong Van Dang, 27, came into the Ha Noi restaurant wearing a mask and carrying a shotgun and a black duffel bag, planning to rob restaurant patrons. Dang was convicted of attempted first-degree assault on a peace officer, attempted second-degree assault on a peace officer, assault, menacing, attempted aggravated robbery, attempted theft of more than $20,000, reckless endangerment and possession of a weapon by a previous offender. Dang faces further charges as a habitual criminal. A sentencing date has not been set. Detective Jesse Avendano and Sgt. John Pinder, who were on duty but not in uniform, testified during the weeklong trial that they were having lunch at the restaurant when they heard screams and saw employees fleeing the kitchen of the restaurant on South Federal Boulevard. They said Dang trained a 12-gauge shotgun on customers. Pinder fired at Dang and the three exchanged shots. Three restaurant patrons were wounded by police bullets. Dang's gun jammed as he tried to shoot directly at police."

The Appleseed Project: Creating liberty one rifleman at a time: "I spent the last weekend at the Phoenix Appleseed Shoot in Arizona with a number of fellow shooters. I came with my wife, five children and my other best friend in tow. . Almost three-dozen shooters showed up for the training which is a fairly respectable turn-out.What is an Appleseed Shoot? Fred, the proprietor of Fred's M14 Stocks . started and built the program. The Revolutionary War Veterans Association is an umbrella organization that was created to bridge the gap between the Founding of the nation and the present day through educational outreach . from whence was born the Appleseed Project whose modest goal is to create one million new Riflemen in America."

Ban swimming pools!: "Those same whiners whine about accidental deaths of our children from the evil hand gun and what a national disaster it is to continue to allow that level of atrocity to continue to occure in civilised society. Let's look at some records, from let's say, 1999-2003 in the state of Florida. After sifting thru the billions of lines and reports written and compiled by unbiased people(do these people exist?) I was surprised to find out that there were 124 adults that had 124 of their children die from careless handling or storage of guns. I was also stunned to find out that during the same time period 356 families had 356 children die from careless handling or storage of their swimming pools. Where is the human cry out for the eradication of swimming pools at home. The children in Florida have a three times higher chance of expiring from their pool than from a gun in their house. Needless to say the forces behind these two different sorrows are political and we try to offer comfort to the swimmingpool disasters and we try to offer jail time to gun disasters. What we have lost site of is the heartbreak of the families that suffered both those disasters. The slugs that use these people for their own political ends have a really big bill to pay when they face their maker, and face their maker they will. Swimming pool ownership is a personal decision. Gun ownership is a personal decision. Why would we as Americans let some politician in the hip pocket of some wealthy old guy with an ax to grind run your life and make your personal decisions?"

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