Monday, December 22, 2008

Would-be robber shot, killed by Ariz. store owner: "The owner of a Chandler jewelry store shot and killed a would-be robber after the two exchanged gunfire, police said Sunday. Two men, one of them armed with a gun, attempted to rob Christopher Diamonds on Saturday evening, Chandler police Detective David Ramer said. The store's owner, overhearing the robbery in progress, grabbed a gun and confronted the suspects. He and the armed robber exchanged several rounds of gunfire; both were hit. The injured suspect fled the store in a stolen truck while the other suspect ran into a nearby neighborhood. The truck later stopped on a nearby freeway, and the suspect was taken to a hospital after officers tried to revive him. He died at the hospital. Officers later found the second suspect in the neighborhood and arrested him. Ramer said the 58-year-old store owner, who was shot in the face, will survive. ``You have a right to defend yourself, and he did a good job of that,'' Ramer said of the store owner.

Indianapolis: Suspect shot, killed during store robbery attempt: "One man is dead following a shooting at a grocery store on the northwest side Sunday evening. Metro Police say an armed suspect attempted to rob the El Michoacano supermarket in the 6200 block of West 34th Street just before 9 pm. All of the customers and employees in the store were ordered to move to one side of the store. Police say the suspect then pointed his gun at a woman and baby, leading a store employee to pull his own gun. "At this point, the employee fired a shot at the suspect or shots, we are not sure at this point how many shots were fired, he struck the suspect," said IMPD Sgt. Matt Mount. When police found the suspect in the store, he was in critical condition. He was transported to Wishard Hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly after arrival. His identity has not yet been released. Detectives are talking with the employee who fired the shot and witnesses to determine what happened. Police are also investigating information about the gun, its owner and the employee who possessed it. A release from IMPD stated that it appeared to be a justified shooting, though a thorough investigation will be conducted with evidence turned over to the prosecutor to determine if charges should be filed.

Nickels hides while gun owners oppose Seattle gun ban scheme: "When a cross-section of firearms owners gathered at Seattle City Hall Monday night to oppose Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels' gun ban scheme, the mayor was nowhere in sight to defend his plan, and the Second Amendment Foundation wonders why. `If ever an audience reflected the kind of diversity that elitists like Greg Nickels normally rave about, Monday night's turnout of gun owners certainly measured up,' said SAF founder Alan Gottlieb."

This year, give her a gun for Christmas: "With a single week left until Christmas, a lot of us are still scrambling to find a gift for that person who already has everything. Chances are, the person who already has everything has an interest in keeping their stuff safe, and one way to do that is give that special someone in your life a firearm.A lot of Christmas gifts end up as bothersome clutter, such as goofy trinkets or unread books. A gift certificate is a good sign that you don't know much about the person, but aren't quite thoughtless enough to just send cash. But with a gun you can give that person a new hobby, an ongoing lesson in responsibility, peace of mind, and make the world a better place."

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