Saturday, December 20, 2008

Arkansas woman turns the tables: "She's a woman who knows how to protect herself as two men who tried to rob her found out. What they didn't know was the woman is licensed to carry a concealed weapon...and yes, she was packing heat. "A lady was flagged over Sunday evening about 6 p.m. on the interstate between Kelley Highway and the Arkansas river bridge." Lt. Steve Coppinger with State Police says that two men in a car signaled that the woman was getting a flat tire. "When she pulled over to check her tires one of those person in that other car got out and attempted to rob her at knife point." But what the thief didn't expect happened next. Coppinger says the female driver pulled out her handgun. "She pointed that at her attacker and he backed away, got in the car and they fled." Investigators say the would-have-been victim was able to turn the tables because she had a concealed carry permit. State police are keeping some details of the investigation close to their vest so they will know when they get the right guys. Right now, officials are saying they believe this to be an isolated incident."

California woman shoots thief: "A 34-year-old homeowner shot a man who was trying to steal from her property in East Sacramento Wednesday morning, police said. The incident happened about 7 a.m. in the 4500 block of 13th Avenue, Sacramento Police Department spokesman Sgt. Norm Leong said. The suspect, who sustained facial injuries, is in a hospital and expected to survive, Leong said. The man, whose name has not been released yet, is a parolee-at-large. Investigators are reviewing the case to determine if the woman acted in self-defense. She has not been charged, Leong said."

Georgia robber killed in shop: "A would-be robber was killed after he was shot in a gunbattle with an employee at a cell phone store in Forest Park. Authorities said it happened Monday night at about 8 p.m. Police identified the deceased suspect as 18-year-old Tyrie Rolland of Decatur. Rolland was shot in the head and died at Grady Memorial Hospital. Detectives are working to identify a second suspect who fled in a white pickup truck. Forest Park police major Chris Matson said it appeared the worker acted in self-defense."

OK: Tulsa lawmaker wants repeal of gun tax: "A Tulsa lawmaker said Tuesday he will file legislation to repeal the sales tax on the purchase of guns or ammunition in Oklahoma.'As Americans, we should not have to pay a tax to exercise our constitutional rights - especially our Second Amendment rights,' said Rep. Eric Proctor, D-Tulsa.The measure . would have minimal impact on the state treasury. . He said the tax should also be repealed because it could be a barrier for those needing protection. `People shouldn't have to pay a tax to the government if they need a gun in the home for self-protection,' Proctor said. `No matter what, the responsibility to protect your family is greater than the state's need to generate taxes.'"

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