Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kentucky: Guard shoots man in store robbery: "A security guard shot the alleged would-be robber of a grocery store Sunday night, Irvine police said. Police would not identify the two men, but Officer Brian Brooks said the wounded man was taken to University of Kentucky Hospital for treatment. Brooks responded to a call at 7:17 p.m. Sunday at Priceless Foods, 1012 Winchester Road in Irvine. Upon entering, he found a man, armed with a small-caliber revolver, slumped over the cash register. The man, in his 20s, then fell to the floor. The guard had shot the man with a .357 Magnum, Brooks said."

Indiana: Man fatally shot during robbery identified: "Police have identified the man who was fatally shot while trying to rob a Westside grocery Sunday night and the employee who shot him. Miguel Mondragon, 29, Indianapolis, shot Christopher Barreto, 23, also of Indianapolis, after Barreto reportedly pointed his gun at a woman with a baby, said Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Sgt. Matthew Mount. Barreto walked into El Michoacana Supermarket at 6240 W. 34th at 8:50 p.m. brandishing a handgun and herded all the customers into one part of the store, Mount said. When the robber pointed the gun at the woman and her child, Mondragon shot him, using a gun belonging to the store's owner. Barreto was taken to Wishard Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Police are calling the shooting justified, but evidence will be turned over to the Marion County prosecutor's office for a final determination, Mount said."

Texas: Police ID suspect killed in bank robbery attempt: "Police on Wednesday identified the suspect and the security guard who fatally shot him during an attempted bank robbery in south Dallas. The suspect in the attempted bank robbery Tuesday was 31-year-old Christopher Sebastian Jones. Jones was fatally shot inside a bank after exchanging gunfire with security guard Matthew Scott Prindle, 36. Jones entered a branch of Chase Bank and shot at Prindle, who was grazed in the upper body but not seriously injured. Prindle returned fire, striking Jones, who died inside the bank. Members of a police tactical unit entered the bank after seeing a woman hiding under a desk. Officers then found Jones' body.

South Carolina: Suspect shot to death during apparent home burglary: "A home invasion leaves one man dead and another is on the lose. County police say, around 9 last night, two suspects broke into a house on Burcale Road in Myrtle Beach. Police are investigating the shooting death that occurred at Courtyard 1 Apartments on Burcale Road, that's near the Clay Pond village community. They say the owner was home at the time of the robbery and shot one suspect while the other took off. When police arrived at the house they say, the owner was just putting down his gun when they saw one of the suspects lying on the ground dead with two gun shot wounds. The deceased suspect is, 22-year-old Lamont Lee Reed Durrell of Georgetown. Police took the burglary victim into custody but was later released. They say he was assaulted but not hurt during the altercation of the home invasion. Sgt. Robert Kegler of the Horry County Police Department confirms that no charges will be filed against the home owner."

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RufusOvenbird said...

This comment is in reference to the article that follows this and the next post, titled: Jury believes Ohio man who said he killed in self-defense. Unfortunately, it does not have a link for comments, otherwise, that's where I would post it. What you will not read about in that particular news article is how the victim, Colten Groves, was unarmed during this altercation. I am not a huge fan of guns, but I would consider myself conservative and certainly not opposed to the second amendment. The issue is this: It was proven in court that he was unarmed on the night of the incident. The man who was acquitted left his house and traveled down an entire block in order to take part in this situation. He wasn't nobly defending his house or his life. He approached and initiated a confrontation. Now a human being, my cousin, is dead. What you did read in this article, if you read it, is this: the confrontation started because someone threw something at Cory Esson's house. A beer bottle? A rock? Does this sound like reason enough to kill someone? Does this even support the cause of your blog, "Monitoring people's right to effective self-defence.. "? I understand and appreciate your point of view, but you ought to read this sh*t before you post it.