Saturday, December 13, 2008

IL: Homeowner thwarts burglar: "A Dupo resident fought back and made a citizen's arrest when a man attempted to rob his home in the middle of the day. . When deputy Cerether White arrived he found Eric L. Kirk, 35, of 117 S. Fourth St. in Dupo handcuffed outside the home with the 35-year-old homeowner kneeling on him. The homeowner told White that Kirk had knocked on his door and he didn't recognize him when he looked out the window. The homeowner tried to run the license plate on a blue minivan Kirk was standing near but could not read the entire plate so he decided to get his gun, according to the police report. When the homeowner, whose name was not released by the St. Clair County Sheriff's Department, retrieved his gun and returned to the door his dogs started barking. That's when he noticed Kirk and the van were gone. He then saw the van backed up to his garage and Kirk using a crow bar to try to open the homeowner's garage door. The homeowner called 911 to report the crime in progress and then fired two rounds into the ground near Kirk. According to the police report Kirk ran to the van and attempted to get away when the homeowner grabbed him, wrestled him to the ground and slapped handcuffs on him with the assistance of a neighbor."

Useless gun bans: "I'm not a gun owner, yet it disturbs me to see the media throw responsible gun owners in the same group as deranged killers. The Second Amendment was written to ensure that Americans could protect themselves from criminals, foreign invaders and our own government. Banning the sale of assault rifles won't prevent criminals from killing large numbers of people; they can simply use different firearms, get assault rifles through illegal channels or use different weapons altogether, like bombs or even SUVs. Gun laws only punish law-abiding citizens because criminals ignore laws."

CO: Group to file lawsuit challenging CU's gun laws: "Representatives from Students for Concealed Carry on Campus said they will file a lawsuit Thursday asking the court to strike down the University of Colorado's concealed carry ban. The Colorado Springs chapter of the [SCCC] has argued before, to the school's regents, that gun-free zones on college campuses translate into a ban on self-defense. Members want the university to loosen gun-control rules and allow those with handgun permits to pack heat on campus. . The state Legislature passed a law in 2003 allowing concealed weapons to be carried by permit in most parts of the state, including college campuses, but then-State Attorney Gen. Ken Salazar issued a formal opinion that the CU regents' order trumped the state law."

Dial 911 and die: "I wonder how many `buyback' gift card recipients would be willing to complete the transaction if they first presented the cops doing the collecting with a simple card and asked them to sign it? The text would go something like this: `GUN SURRENDER PROTECTION CONTRACT' `The [Name of Law Enforcement Agency] agrees that a special relationship exists between our department and [Name of Individual Surrendering Firearm] by virtue of his/her turning in a working firearm to us. Because we have encouraged him/her to be personally defenseless, we hereby agree to assume responsibility for his/her personal safety and protection, and admit liability should we fail in this duty.'"

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