Monday, December 01, 2008

Iowa: Aggressive tenant gets shot and killed by locksmith: "According to the Dubuque County Sheriff's Department, the shooter had been hired by Bonjour Estates of Dubuque to change the locks on at least two residences at the seven-apartment complex in Dyersville. He changed the locks at the apartment where Herman lived with his girlfriend, Jen Farver. Farver had been evicted, and the couple spent Saturday loading the last of their belongings. The shooter moved onto another apartment, where he was working on changing the locks, when Herman arrived and confronted the shooter. A physical altercation occurred, with punching and shoving. The shooter went to his car. Herman followed, got in the car, and another physical altercation took place, authorities said. "In some point during the second altercation, shots were fired," said Capt. Bob Lynn of the Dubuque County Sheriff's Department. The shooter performed CPR on Herman until emergency workers arrived, and then he went voluntarily with police. He was not charged and was released the same day. He told police he acted in self defense."

TX: Robber shoots own foot during home invasion: "A man suspected of robbing a home in South Austin accidentally shot himself in the foot with a shotgun early this morning, police said. The suspect, 18-year-old Raymond Rene Rodriguez, was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and charged with aggravated robbery, said Lt. Max Johnson of the Austin Police Department. His bail was set at $100,000. Residents of the home, on Audrey Drive in South Austin, had called police at 12:40 a.m. and reported a robbery. The first officer on the scene heard a gunshot and saw people running out of front door, Johnson said. The suspect dropped the shotgun in a hallway of the house and left from another door, but police caught up with him. The suspect took an undisclosed amount of money and other items, according to an arrest affidavit. Residents of the home apparently knew the suspect, Johnson said.

PA: Gun owners dodge tax on ammunition: "Pennsylvania gun owners dodged a bullet when lawmakers failed to enact legislation that would have levied a 5-cent tax on each shell and required encoding ammunition with serial numbers and registering those numbers in a statewide database. Introduced in February, the bill remains in the state House Judiciary Committee and will die at the end of the session on Sunday. But it could be reintroduced in January, and gun advocates expect to fight it again next year. It's part of a growing effort nationally to target ammunition as one way to stem gun violence."

Chicago defies the Second Amendment : "Since the Supreme Court upheld the individual right to own guns last summer, one municipality after another with handgun bans has faced reality. Washington, D.C., which lost the case, changed its law. Morton Grove, Ill., repealed its ban. So did neighboring Wilmette. Likewise for Evanston. Last week, Winnetka followed suit. Then there is Chicago, which is being sued for violating the Second Amendment but refuses to confront the possibility that what the Supreme Court said may apply on this side of the Appalachians. When it comes to firearms, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is no slave to rationality."

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Anonymous said...

Evidently the gun banners have heard of roadside bombs. If the muzzie's can make them the criminal element in this country will have no problems. Just take out 15-20 people instead of the one (1) you were after.