Friday, December 19, 2008

Arkansas: Man Holds Intruder At Gunpoint Until Police Arrive : "It started out as a normal morning for the Newborns last Thursday, but as Lester Newborn was getting out of the shower he says his worst fears were realized as he heard his daughter scream "There's someone in the house!" Lester Newborn adds, "I have no idea what she was planning on doing all I know is she came in my house." Newborn says the intruder probably walked through the neighborhood looking for an open door or window and happened to find theirs. "I was messing with Christmas lights outside and I left a window unlocked and that's the window she came through." His daughter Brittney Newborn adds, "She came in through my bedroom window and she took the screen off and she just came in. I heard her making noise in my room I was in another room I just came in to see what it was and she was just standing right there." Brittney says as she screamed for her dad she left the room and he walked in with a .357 hand gun. Newborn adds, "We're all blessed because evidentially she was on some kind of drugs or something because she didn't resist at all. The weapon is for protection in my home and I'm glad and thankful I didn't have to shot her." Police say the intruder is 30-year-old Jennifer Draper. She's being charged with residential burglary and held on $5,000 bond."

Arkansas Mother Shoots, Kills Son In Self-Defense: "A Franklin County man was killed by his mother Sunday, likely in self-defense, after he reportedly pistol-whipped her and his stepfather, authorities said. Cameron Utsler, 22, was shot to death at the Prairie Street residence he shared with his mother and stepfather, north of Charleston, according to Lt. Steve Coppinger of the Arkansas State Police. "Right now it looks like a justified shooting," David Gibbons, Franklin County's district attorney, said on Monday. Troopers were dispatched to the residence at around 1:20 a.m. Sunday. Utsler was found dead at the scene, Coppinger said. Utsler's mother and stepfather, whose names were not revealed by either Coppinger or Gibbons, told investigators that Utsler became violent toward them after they had returned home from a Christmas party, according to Coppinger. "He was upset that he was excluded from a family Christmas get-together," Coppinger said. Utsler reportedly brandished a handgun and at one point struck both his mother and stepfather on the head with the pistol, according to Coppinger. How many times Utsler struck them with the gun was not revealed. "I don't believe he discharged the weapon, he just physically beat them," Coppinger said. "One of the parents, out of a defensive posture, had to get a firearm and shoot him." Coppinger described both the mother and stepfather as "very small in stature" and "slenderly built." Utsler, however, was described as more than 6 feet tall and weighing more than 300 pounds. "He's a big guy with a violent history," Coppinger said."

Texas Dog Walker Kills Armed Teen Robber: "A man walking his dog in Terrell on Wednesday fatally shot an armed 17-year-old robber, police said. The incident happened at about 10:20 p.m. in Ben Gill Park in the 100 block of Lions Club Lane where, police said, a group of teen robbers surrounded the man. According to investigators, Markee Lamar Johnson pulled out a gun and the 47-year-old man, a licensed concealed handgun owner, fired shots. The 17-year-old Terrell High School student was struck in the head and died at Parkland Hospital. His weapon was recovered at the scene and later determined to be stolen during a separate offense in Terrell, according to police. Police said they would not likely file charges against the man. Three other teen suspects fled the scene in a vehicle that was recovered in the 300 block of S. Park Street, police said. Police identified the the other suspects and arrested one of them. Ryan Scott Patterson, 17, is charged with aggravated robbery. The robbery victim, who did not want to be identified, was not injured."

While gun rights advanced this year, the prospects for next year look very tough: "Once Barack Obama takes his oath of office in January, he will become, without a doubt, the most anti-gun President this nation has ever seen. How are gun owners responding to the oncoming Obama presidency? By the tens of thousands, they are pouring into gun stores all across the country and stocking up on guns and ammo, fearing the worst. Many buyers include first-time gun owners."

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