Tuesday, December 02, 2008

CA: Shooter in shotgun slaying acted in self-defense: "A man wanted in connection with the Sept. 17 shooting death of 54-year-old Hayward resident George Bailes turned himself in to Alameda County Sheriff's deputies Sunday afternoon... Bailes, 54, was shot and killed in an Ashland apartment on the 1500 block of 167th Avenue at about 5:45 p.m. Sept. 17. Sgt. David Dickson said police believe Eddleman shot Bailes in the chest with a shotgun after a chaotic life-or-death struggle. The fight began with a dispute over a car owned by Aaron Hammond, 33, whose girlfriend drove it to San Francisco to see Eddleman, Dickson explained. On the night of the shooting, four other people were present at the Ashland residence when Hammond and Eddleman got into a confrontation over the vehicle in a back bedroom. Hammond fired a handgun at Eddleman and missed, Dickson said. Bailes then charged into the bedroom with a shotgun to defend Hammond, and a struggle over the weapon ensued, Dickson said. In a bloody struggle in which the shotgun was discharged into the ceiling and a knife came into play, the men crashed through a sliding glass shower door before Eddleman finally gained control of the shotgun and shot Bailes, who was falling backward, Dickson said. "It was clearly a violent struggle," Dickson said. "Eddleman was in a fight for his life." Dickson said the District Attorney's Office has determined that Eddleman acted in self-defense.... George Bailes Sr., 74, of Sacramento said Bailes grew up in Hayward. He described his son as a big, tough man who had problems with drugs and the law, and had served time at San Quentin."

NY: Retired NYPD officer shoots burglar: "A burglar shot and wounded Friday when he tried to break into a retired cop's Staten Island home, police sources said.Retired NYPD Officer Carmine Longo, 45, pulled a gun when he discovered the thief trying to rob his Rossville home, sources said.The thief was shot as he and the ex-cop struggled for Longo's .38-caliber revolver, sources said.The wounded thief, identified as Richard Licione, bolted from the house and tried to escape in a Ford Windstar with Longo on his heels, sources said."

Florida: Crook Caught After Losing Gun During Robbery: "An armed robbery suspect in Tampa learned a valuable lesson on his latest caper - hang onto your gun. Armed with a pistol Jerome Haggins, 42, burst into a home Saturday evening and demanded the six men inside to lie on the ground, according to police. He then demanded they hand over their wallets and jewelry. Once he had the loot, Haggins reportedly told the men to take off their clothes; that's when he noticed one of the men was still wearing a bracelet. The men told police Haggins put his gun on a table and then snatched the bracelet off the man's arm. While Haggins was taking the bracelet, police say another man grabbed the gun and turned the tables on Haggins. They then held him at gunpoint until police arrived. Haggins faces multiple charges, including armed robbery."

DE: Gun checks may violate federal law: "The Delaware State Police have been conducting secret background checks of some gun owners since 2001, a process known as "superchecks" that may violate federal law.The checks have resulted in confiscation of weapons, some for legitimate reasons, but have subjected many citizens to a search of mental health records that in most cases police would be unable to access.In Delaware, when someone attempts to purchase a pistol or rifle, he or she must first sign a consent form authorizing a criminal and mental health check by the state Firearms Transaction Approval Program."

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