Wednesday, January 28, 2009

AZ: Injured clerk kills robber: When a South Side convenience store came under siege by an armed robber Monday, the store clerk took action, fatally wounding the suspect. It wasn't the first time that a Grand Market employee opened fire on a robber in self-defense. But Raymond Martinez, 18, wasn't as fortunate Monday evening. He managed to make it out of the store - after shooting the store clerk - but collapsed and died there, police said. His accomplice, who went into the store with him, ran off. A suspect, Steven Flores, has since been caught. He was not injured. The store clerk's injuries were described as not life-threatening. He was taken to a hospital for treatment. Tucson police gave the following account: Martinez and his accomplice went into Grand Market with bandannas on their faces. When the employee saw Martinez wielding a gun, he went to arm himself and was shot. The employee returned fire and struck Martinez in the chest. Police recovered a stolen 9 mm handgun that they believe was used to shoot the clerk. They also found a substance believed to be cocaine on Martinez, according to search warrant documents filed in court. Martinez is from Tucson. He lived about a block away from the market with his parents, police said."

GA: Gun scares off robbers : "But after recent break-ins and vandalism near his home on a dead-end street in Ormewood Park, he says, he's changed again. One recent night, he heard a car creep down the street, squeaking brakes, four doors slamming. He called 911, grabbed his gun and went outside. Men with a police-style battering ram approached the home of a neighbor who was out of town. "They knocked the door completely, shattered the door frame, knocked it off its hinges, knocked it almost off the frame," said Hatcher, 38. "It happened so quickly." The men spotted Hatcher - and his gun. They held up their own weapons, while he dropped to the floor and slammed the door. No shots were fired and the men fled. Police arrived about 90 seconds later, Hatcher said. Now residents on his street are forming a neighborhood watch with patrols. He's got an alarm system and two large dogs. An Atlanta police detective visited this week and said patrols in the area would increase, he said. Still, Hatcher plans to reapply for a gun permit, and to carry his weapon wherever it's legal."

IL: Proposed bill would "allow" concealed handguns: "Illinois law enforcement officials are divided over a new attempt to permit the state's residents to carry concealed handguns. Rep. John Bradley, D-Marion, has proposed a `Family and Personal Protection Act' that would set statewide standards for issuing concealed-carry permits and would exempt permit holders from various unlawful use of weapons laws. The bill, HB0245, was referred to the rules committee after first reading last week .. This year, though, the idea could get a boost from the Illinois Sheriff's Association .. He said statistics show crime goes down in states with concealed-carry laws. Not everyone in law enforcement feels that way, however."

"For the children": "My bottom line? If Obama wants `childproof guns,' let's see him mandate them for his Secret Service protection detail first. I'll still be against the idea, but at least we'll see he actually believes in a technology he would impose on you and me."

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