Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WY: Gun Rights Notification Bill

(Cheyenne, Wyoming) The Wyoming Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved a measure requiring judges to warn defendants in misdemeanor domestic violence cases that they will lose their right to bear arms if they plead guilty.

Misdemeanor domestic violence is also being reclassified as a serious offense requiring defendants to have legal representation.
Republican Sen. Cale Case of Lander is the bill's main sponsor.

He told the committee that the state needs to make sure citizens realize that they can lose their constitutional right to own guns as a result of misdemeanor convictions.
It appears that misdemeanor domestic violence is going to be treated similar to a felony charge. Lawmakers have successfully confused major vs. minor criminal acts.

Doesn't make sense, I think. And, under no circumstances should a person permanently lose his/her constitutional rights because of a misdemeanor.

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