Thursday, January 01, 2009

FL: store manager shoots armed robbers: "A store manager behind the counter of a Pembroke Pines convenience store turned the tables on a pair of armed robbers Monday night when he pulled out a gun and shot them, police said. . Hammond, 20, jumped over the counter and demanded money from the register while Sims, 18, stood by with a revolver in his hand. Hammond stuffed cash from the register into his pockets and then told Shedahe Abdel, the store manager, to open the safe. When Sims walked up to Abdel and pointed his handgun at him, Abdel grabbed his own handgun from his waistband and shot Hammond in the leg. Abdel then fired several rounds at Sims, striking him once in the arm. Abdel was not injured."

Mexico: More legal guns would help : "He also points out that many of the guns used by these Mexican criminals come from the U.S., since their neighbor to the north allows private firearms purchasing and ownership. Last I checked, private ownership of firearms was severely restricted in Mexico.Given the level of corrupt police involvement in the drug trade, innocent citizens cannot even count on their various law enforcement entities to protect them.Perhaps Mr. Calder›n should consider the potential value to his war on drugs of giving innocent Mexicans greater right to defend themselves and their communities by liberalizing gun ownership.Knowing their victims might defend themselves might make the criminals refocus on merely killing one another."

Gun haters sue to reinstate firearms ban in national parks : "The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence sued the Bush administration Tuesday in hopes of stopping a new policy that would allow people to carry concealed, loaded guns in most national parks and wildlife refuges. . The Brady Campaign sued the Interior Department and its secretary, Dirk Kempthorne . in U.S. District Court. They want a federal judge to issue an immediate injunction .. The lawsuit said members of the Brady Campaign will no longer visit national parks and refuges `out of fear for their personal safety from those who will now be permitted to carry loaded and concealed weapons in such areas.'" [No legal arguments, just a threat of a boycott]

California's Bad Santa exposes complete & utter failure of gun control laws : "News of a man dressing up in a Santa suit and murdering nine people in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve dominated cable news headlines for days after the event. News reports suggest Bruce Pardo took as many as four handguns and a homemade flame-thrower to the home of his ex-wife's parents, where at least 25 people were enjoying a Christmas Eve party. Pardo shot at partygoers and burned down the house, murdering at least nine people before committing suicide hours later. Damage from the flames has thus far prevented officials from determining how many of the victims were shot to death, but hasn't stopped the gun ban lobby from attempting to capitalize on the tragedy. . Indeed, there is much to be learned from this tragedy, which occurred in a state that has passed every conceivable form of gun control the gun grabbers have promoted, all in the name of reducing the violence."

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