Friday, January 23, 2009

TX: Resident kills burglar: "One man was killed and another ran for his life early today after they broke into a northwest Houston apartment and were met with gunfire from one of the residents, police said. . The two men who live in the ground-floor apartment told officers they were preparing to watch a movie when they heard a loud noise. Their front door was suddenly kicked open and two men burst into the apartment, one of them holding a revolver, police were told. Both residents grabbed shotguns and one of them fired, killing one of the intruders while the other ran away. Police said the residents did not know the attackers."

Mi: Robber's shot alerts police: "A Kalamazoo man was shot by police officers after an attempted armed robbery in Grand Rapids over the weekend. Investigators say he used a sawed-off shotgun to try to rob a man of his expensive Cartier gold rim glasses. The man allegedly opened fire, grazing the victim's cousin when they did not cooperate. Grand Rapids Police Chief Kevin Belk says two police officers nearby heard the blast and chased the robber. "[He] pointed a shotgun at the officers, the officers fired upon him, struck him," Belk said. The shotgun was a single shot and had not been reloaded but Belk says the officers did not know that. Belk said he thinks the shooting was justified. The name of the 34-year-old robber has not been released.

Gun control: An economic analysis: "In Economics 101 we teach students about several fundamental concepts, including the relationship between means and ends, forward-looking behavior, the use of substitutes, opportunity cost, and the role of moral hazard. Further, we insist that these concepts can be used to help understand the world around us and have applicability far beyond the classroom. Yet, all too often, students fail to apply these lessons to serious policy issues. Instead of applying economics, they get blinded by knee-jerk reactions, hysteria, or ideology, reducing serious issues to bumper-sticker slogans. Gun control is one such issue in which a serious economic analysis can provide an important perspective."

Day 1: President Obama officially declares war on your guns!: "Within minutes of being sworn in yesterday, Obama posted a new White House website announcing the administration's declaration of war on American gun owners. . the new administration plans to: * reinstate and expand the federal Assault Weapons Ban * repeal the Tiahrt Amendment and allow anti-gun activists to sue gun dealers and manufacturers out of existence * mandate criminal background checks for ALL firearm transfers, including private transactions * force gun manufacturers to include unproven and astronomically expensive `child-safe' features on newly-manufactured firearms."

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