Thursday, January 22, 2009

TX: Man fatally shoots teenage burglary suspect : "A teenage burglary suspect was fatally shot in an east Oak Cliff home this morning by the homeowner's son. Around 11 a.m., a resident in the 300 block of Hobson Street left her home, shortly before her adult son came by to drop off a newspaper, Dallas police say. As he pulled up, he saw the front door had been kicked in. Police say 17-year-old Gabriel Flores, who was inside the home, pulled out a handgun and fired it at the resident's son. The son, who has a concealed-weapons permit, shot back and hit the teenager. A short time later, Flores died at a local hospital."

MO: Homeowner shoots intruder: "Clay County authorities said a homeowner took matters into his own hands early Wednesday morning when someone tried to break into his home. Deputies said a man was standing outside of the family's home in the 12000 block of Missouri State Route 92, just west of Kearney, screaming. The homeowner told police the man forced open the door and started to walk in the house. The homeowner said he shot the intruder, critically wounding him. He was taken to Liberty Hospital. Police said the homeowner's wife and two children were there when the incident happened. They are all OK. A Clay County Sheriff's investigator said the alleged intruder appeared to be `highly intoxicated.'"

MA: Police say worker shot with arrow : "Authorities say that a 30-year-old woman entered a Houston office and fired an arrow into a worker's chest, and that police later shot and wounded her. Police say Julie Parker entered the Texas Components Corp. office Monday afternoon armed with a bow, arrows and a toy gun, and fired an arrow into 55-year-old Armando Silva's chest. Houston police spokesman John Cannon says two office workers then drew their own weapons and confronted Parker. Police say officers shot Parker several times after she turned on them with the bow. Investigators have not determined a motive."

Unarmed and unsafe: "In the 11 years since England enacted some of the world's strictest gun-control laws, gun crime there has doubled. No surprise. Wherever they're tried, such laws only disarm ordinary citizens, making them easier prey for criminals. England's laws also produced a spike in violent crime and contributed to the proliferation of teen gangs. This in turn has led to a nationwide decline in the average age, from 24 to 19, of violent criminals and their victims. Some adults fail or refuse to connect the gun-control dots, but young thugs aren't so obtuse. They know gun restrictions make crime, by gun, blade or other weapon, easier. This lesson hasn't been lost on the potential targets, either."

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DJMooreTX said...

The entry concerning the Houston, TX woman who was shot during a bow and arrow attack falsely credits the police with stopping her. In fact, she was stopped by two concealed carry licensees on the premises. See this story at the local Houston Chronicle, rather than the quoted Boston rag.