Sunday, January 25, 2009

California: Sight of gun scares off intruder: "Sheriff's deputies are looking for a man who attempted to rob a Cambria home Sunday night. A couple was in their home on Lone Palm Drive around 7:45 p.m. when they heard a pounding on a rear sliding glass door, according to sheriff's officials. When the husband shined a flashlight toward the noise, he saw a person wearing a ski mask kicking at the glass. The husband told his wife to call 911, and he got a loaded rifle from a nearby closet. When the homeowner returned to the sliding glass door, the masked man apparently looked at the rifle and ran away. Deputies and state parks rangers searched the area on foot and with a K9, but could not find the man.

Texas robber shot with own gun: "Homicide detectives are still investigating an overnight shooting in which a resident of a north Houston apartment said he disarmed a burglar and killed him with his own gun. The shooting occurred about 10 p.m. Thursday at the Worthington Apartments at 1350 Greens Parkway, KHOU Channel 11 reported. Police said two residents reported that they came home and found that two men had broken into their apartment. One of the intruders had a gun, which was wrestled away from him during a struggle with the residents, police said. The resident fired, killing one of the burglars, while the other ran away, police were told."

Arkansas intruder shot: "Little Rock - Two people are in custody following a west Little Rock home intrusion during which one suspect was shot. The incident occurred around 2:30 a.m. Thursday at 31 Marcella Drive. Authorities say a resident inside the home exchanged gunfire with one of the intruders, shooting him in the hip before the trio fled. As police officers were en route to the scene, they noticed a suspicious vehicle, and a chase began.... Keaton suffered a gunshot wound to his left hip, and was transported to a local hospital. Davis was taken into custody and charged with attempted capital murder, obstruction of justice, and numerous robbery charges. Charges are still pending against Keaton. A third suspect remains on the loose. No one in the home was injured."

MI: Can self defense be provoked? "The question surrounded what is called "imperfect self-defense," which is when self-defense becomes imperfect when the defendant escalates a situation to a point where self-defense could be used as a defense in court. Although Macomb Assistant Prosecutor William Cataldo said he was "satisfied" with the decision, he argued in court that "self defense is a question of fact for a jury. "When he fired the gun, death was a likely result. The defendant had created the situation in his own home." Police say Eplett was "angry" when his mother, Mary Denice Harder, brought Gorinski home on Nov. 1 and repeatedly left his room to ask them to be quiet. Eplett told them to leave his 11 Mile apartment because they were too loud, which allegedly caused Gorinski to confront and punch Eplett in the face. Police say Eplett told them he walked back to his bedroom, grabbed a gun and racked it in the hallway, hoping to "intimidate" Gorinski. Eplett told police Gorinski charged him in the hallway and repeatedly hit him in the face and back, and that he only fired the gun when Gorinski tried to take it. However, Cataldo said Eplett escalated the situation because every time he went to his bedroom, the situation was diffused." [So the guy stands charged with manslaughter!]

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