Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Tennessee: Serial robber finally shot: "A 22-year-old uniformed security guard who was buying gasoline at a Murfreesboro Pike station on Sunday shot and killed a robbery suspect carrying an air gun. Metro detectives are ruling the death of Jamie L. Sullivan, 37, a justifiable homicide. Wearing a mask and carrying what appeared to be a pistol, Sullivan entered the Mapco market at 2101 Murfreesboro Pike at 1:45 a.m. Eric Gordon, 22, was also in the market. Sullivan pointed his pistol at Gordon's head and threatened to kill him. Sullivan told Gordon to surrender his holstered gun and a struggle ensued. Gordon drew his 9-millimeter weapon and shot Sullivan once in the face. Sullivan died at the scene. Shortly after, detectives discovered that Sullivan's gun was a BB pistol that looked like a real gun. Metro police had charged Sullivan with 146 offenses since June 1989. His last arrest was for trespassing Nov. 20."

Florida: Customer kills robber: "An eyewitness saw a robber brutally beating a store clerk in Ocoee, so he pulled a gun out of his car at the Kangaroo gas station on Franklin Street and fatally shot the robber. He's a regular at the store and said he was coming to buy some cigarettes when he heard the clerk screaming. He told Eyewitness News he not only grabbed his cell phone to call 911, but also pulled a loaded handgun out of his car. "I pull up like this and said, 'Stop,' and, as he came up, I came straight up, fired, 'Pop, pop,' two shots," Chris said. Those shots hit and killed 40-year-old Freddie Carson. Public records show he has a rap sheet going back to 1987, including charges like battery and burglary. This time, the 26-year-old says he was within his rights when he took his gun out of his car to stop a robbery in progress. "I was not going to sit there and watch a friend get beat to death. Would I do it again? I'm upset, but, yes, I would do it again," he said. The store clerk was transported to Health Central Hospital with head injuries, but details on her condition were not released. Chris did not have a concealed weapons permit, but he was protected by two other laws that allow drivers to carry guns in their cars and allow gun owners to start shooting if they witness a violent felony."

Oklahoma: Prowlers trigger a firm response from homeowners: "Two men accused in a Thursday night burglary were stopped by two homeowners with guns, sheriff's officials said. Jason Dean Cornett, 30, and Joshua Starkey, 28, were arrested after a homeowner near NE 63 and Choctaw Road found two men rifling through his garage. The homeowner confronted one man and went back into the house to get a gun, but the burglar was gone when he returned, sheriff's spokesman Mark Myers said. A deputy found Cornett under a nearby vehicle and arrested him, Myers said. Starkey escaped from the first homeowner and the deputies, but was arrested later after a homeowner near McLoud shot him in the shoulder with a shotgun and held him at bay until Lincoln County sheriff's officers arrived, Myers said."

Oklahoma thief caught: "A man who was shot is in jail himself. The incident happened Thursday night in Lincoln County. Officials say Joshua Starkey broke into the man's house last week. The homeowner spotted him Thursday night while driving and followed him. Starkey eventually stopped, got out of the car and started to run. That's when the homeowner fired the shot at Starkey's vehicle. Starkey was hit in the shoulder by a fragment. Starkey was arrested shortly after. The homeowner was not arrested. Officials say Starkey is responsible for other burglaries in the area and he also had $3,600 in warrants out against him. A second suspect, Jason Cornett, was arrested last week for allegedly breaking into the home along with Starkey.

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