Sunday, January 18, 2009

NE: Store owner kills two: It all happened at Midwest Grillz and Jewelry, a store that sells things like removable gold teeth at 6209 Ames Avenue. Bullet holes can still be seen in the windows after Tuesday night's shootout around 10:30 p.m. Police aren't giving out many details of what happened, but do confirm that 16 year old Marcel Davis and 29 year old Willie Wakefield were both killed inside the store. The family of the store's owner shared details of what they say happened. They say the two men walked in to pick up an item they had ordered. There was an argument about the item, and at that point the family says one of the men pulled out a gun and shot at the owner, who quickly pulled out his own gun and fired back, hitting and killing both of them. The owner's family says it was simply self-defense. Police are not commenting on any of this, but say they have not made any arrests and are not looking for any suspects. Davis and Wakefield have both had previous run-ins with the law. Davis was sent to the Douglas County Youth Center after he aimed a gun at an Omaha police officer during a chase in November of 2007. That officer ended up shooting Davis in the leg. Wakefield served time for assault and weapons charges. He was released last March."

Kansas: Armed resident defends home against burglars: "A home intruder got more than he bargained for Thursday morning at a residence in rural Wellsville. Miami County Sheriff's deputies responded to 37895 W. 239th St. after a resident reported hearing a break-in at his home, according to a sheriff's office news release. The lone resident hid in the closet on the second floor until he heard the suspect enter the room and open the closet door. The resident then declared he had a firearm, and the suspect fled the house, according to the release. The suspect is described as a white male, 5 feet, 8 inches tall and weighing about 215 pounds. He was wearing a blue jacket, blue jeans and a ski mask. The armed homeowner watched the suspect flee in a newer blue Chevrolet extended cab S-10 pickup truck, according to the release. Deputies searched the area but could not locate the vehicle. A short time later, another resident in the area reported suspicious people at her home fitting the same appearance and vehicle description. According to the release, the homeowner met them at her door and was asked if an unknown person lived there. When she told them "no," they left. Sheriff's officers warn that this type of activity can also be a ploy of residential burglars. They knock on the door, and when nobody answers, they break in. If contacted at the door, they ask for a fictitious person."

MI: Unlucky crook: "Grand Rapids Police officers shot a robbery suspect on Franklin Street after he pointed his weapon at them. It all began around 10:17 Saturday night at the Miss Tracy Liquor Store in the 1000 block of Franklin. Two officers in the area on a separate call heard a gun shot come from the liquor store. Grand Rapids Police Chief Kevin Belk says when the officers got to the scene, they saw a man with a short barrel shotgun run behind the building. The two officers followed. When they got behind the building, the suspect came out from behind a dumpster and pointed his gun at the officers. Chief Belk says one of the officers fired at the suspect, hitting him once in the stomach. The suspect, believed to be a 34-year-old Kalamazoo man, is currently in stable condition at St. Mary's hospital. After the incident, officers found that prior to their confrontation, the suspect had tried to rob a man in front of the liquor store. "He had pulled a gun on a person getting out of a vehicle and that person ended up reaching up or something, but the gun was discharged and actually struck the individual with a grazing wound in his head," said Chief Belk. Belk says that person went to the hospital in good condition."

Pakistanis stock up on guns: "When Abid Noor bids farewell to his wife before leaving for work each morning, he runs a mental check to see whether he has remembered everything - his briefcase, his watch, the lunch his wife has packed and a loaded AK-47. The AK-47, or Kalashnikov as it is commonly called in Pakistan, is a recent addition. `I only began carrying it two to three months ago and now I don't leave home without it,' said Mr. Noor, 40, who works at the government's planning and development department in the northwest city of Peshawar. Mr. Noor said he decided to travel armed after a friend, Muhammed Javed Afridi, was kidnapped by five masked men carrying AK-47s, while driving home."

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