Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Feisty Indiana oldster: "Sandra Hochstedler, the 70-year-old woman who held an intruder at gunpoint earlier this week, is out of the hospital and making the media rounds. On Sunday evening, as Hochstedler was hauling firewood from her garage into her home, a man reportedly came running at her from the street and chased her inside. She grabbed her gun and dialed 911, she said, and after the man burst through her living room window she held him at gunpoint until police arrived, threatening to shoot him dead if he moved. The story was immediately picked up by local media outlets, and soon, the national media came calling as well. Hochstedler said she has been slow in responding to some requests for interviews because she was only released from the hospital on Thursday. She was taken there Sunday evening after complaining of chest pains. "By the time I was done being a tough woman and yelling at (the intruder) like I wasn't afraid, I sat down at the dining room table and it just all came out of me," she recalled. At the hospital, Hochstedler said, doctors informed her she had actually suffered a heart attack and needed to have a cardiac catheter inserted to check for arterial blockage."

FL: Off-duty black officer shoots crazy white in self defense: "Maurice Wiley had just arrived to meet a friend at the Boomerzzz bar in Pensacola at approximately 2:30 am. Within about 15 minutes of his arrival, some white males started using racial slurs. Officer Wiley asked them to stop using those words and he was then threatened by Mr Cloud. Mr Cloud continued to use racial slurs toward Officer Wiley. Mr Cloud called him the "n" word and threatened to go get a gun from his vehicle. At that point Officer Wiley tried to leave the establishment. Johnny Cloud then confronted him in the parking lot and attacked Officer Wiley with a knife. Several witnesses gave statements that Officer Wiley continued backing away from Mr Cloud while telling him to drop the knife. Mr Cloud continued to come at him thrashing with the knife then Officer Wiley drew a 22 pocket pistol and identified himself as a police officer and ordered him to drop the knife while continuing to back up. This did not stop Mr Cloud who continued to come at Officer Wiley with the Knife. Officer Wiley used self defense when he then shot Mr Cloud in the upper body to stop the knife attack."

Utah's concealed weapon applications break records : "Gun owners are flooding the state with applications for concealed weapons permits, with almost 45,000 applications filed in 2008, easily a record number, quadrupling the figure from just four years ago.With the surge, about one in every 25 Utahns over age 21 could be carrying a licensed concealed weapon, according to a Tribune analysis of numbers from the Bureau of Criminal Identification.The increase worries Steve Gunn,member of the Gun Violence Prevention Center of Utah."People who carry guns or who even own guns should understand that a gun is far more likely to be misused than be for the protection of the individual," Gunn said in a recent interview. "People ought not to be buying or carrying guns."

Ammunition Accountability Act : "It's called the "Ammunition Accountability Act." It is model legislation designed to force ammunition manufacturers to identify every bullet with a serial number, that is then registered to a purchaser, and recorded in a federal database. Theoretically, if a shell-casing is found at a crime scene, law enforcement officers could trace the purchaser of the bullet.The model legislation also calls for a five-cent-per-bullet tax to cover the cost of the system. The system would provide the government with the name and location of gun owners and an inventory of the ammunition held. The model legislation would outlaw any and all unregistered ammunition within a year after the legislation is adopted."

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