Thursday, May 28, 2009

Iowa: Toy Gun Control Ordinance

(Cedar Rapids, Iowa) The Cedar Rapids City Council has instituted toy gun control to counter a troubling level of crime, from criminal mischief to assault, in which toy guns have been used.

The ordinance specifies that it is illegal for an adult to carry a loaded BB gun, air gun or pellet gun within city limits. Juveniles are forbidden from having the guns at all, loaded or unloaded, without adult supervision.

The penalties for violating the ordinance are a possible $625 fine and 30 days in jail.

The primary motivation behind the ordinance appears to be a flood of damaged car windows. The shooting of hundreds of car windows has largely been attributed to juvenile mischief and Cedar Rapids citizens want it to stop. Hence, the ordinance.

Frankly, I would recommend that someone also take a look at the car window repair businesses since they rake in about $200 for every window replaced. It's never a bad approach to follow the money.

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