Saturday, May 16, 2009

Massachusetts: No charges in neighbor's death: "A Boston Road condominium owner who shot and killed a neighbor Thursday night at present faces no charges because the shooting appears to be in self defense, Police Chief Allen M. Stratton said Friday. Stratton said the Woodcrest Condominium resident, whose name was not released, told police he shot twice at a man who came into his apartment without permission, refused to leave and then became aggressive. The shooting took place just before 8:30 p.m. The intruder turned out to be the owner of a neighboring condominium unit. He was identified as David P. Gatti, 29, of unit C25, police said. He was shot twice and pronounced dead at Baystate Medical Center, police said. According to police reports, the condo resident was home sometime after 8 p.m. when he heard someone trying to enter the front door. He went to the door, opened it and saw Gatti, who stepped inside uninvited. The resident told police he did not recognize him, and when asked to leave, Gatti refused and became "threatening in nature," police said. Police Chief Stratton said Gatti did not have a weapon and never laid his hands on the condo owner. The owner described him as yelling and gesturing in such a way that he felt threatened. The resident told police he retreated into the condo and armed himself, and when Gatti reportedly followed him, he opened fire, police said."

MO: Arrests made in investigation into interrupted burglary: "Police arrested a man believed to be connected with a robbery during which the victim shot one of the men who'd broken into her home in northeast Columbia. Ricky L. Morgan of Moberly was arrested Thursday as part of the investigation into the interrupted burglary, according to a release from the Columbia Police Department. Arriving to find her back door kicked open, a woman discovered three men inside her home just before 1 a.m. on April 30. The victim told police one of these men pointed a gun at her. She had a gun and fired at the men once. The subsequent investigation revealed that one of the men had been wounded by the woman’s shot. An anonymous source led investigators to Morgan, saying the man had an injury to his left leg. Investigators located Morgan, who had an injury consistent with a gunshot wound. The police notified hospitals of the incident at the time of the crime. Morgan had not sought previous treatment for his wound, Captain Brad Nelson said. Morgan also had four outstanding warrants for crimes in nearby counties, including a felony warrant for second-degree burglary in Adair County, according to the release. In a release regarding the initial incident, the victim said a suspicious-looking silver hatchback car was parked near her home. The car, with a woman inside, was seen leaving the area following the incident. Leann Seiger, also of Moberly, was arrested in connection with the robbery, suspected of being the driver of the silver car. She is charged with receiving stolen property after police determined she pawned a video game taken in the robbery, according to a Police Department press release". [This would appear to be a follow-up to a story reported on this blog on 5th]

Love thy neighbor: Buy a gun: “Mankind pulled civilization out of the mud somewhere in the ancient past. In creating society, people agreed to a non-spoken compact that required everyone to look out for their neighbor. We aren’t talking about a communist society … but instead an agreement between honest law-abiding people that made it reprehensible to leave your neighbor to die. The same … used to hold true, when it came to stopping common crime … As the American government grew in power and influence in a citizen’s life, it destroyed the agreement between honest people to care for each other. Today in America many citizens won’t step in to protect the personal safety of their neighbors because, over the years, everyone was brainwashed by the government.”

SAF hails Ninth Circuit ruling in Glock lawsuit: "Monday’s ruling by the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that dismisses a lawsuit against Glock by the victims of a deranged gunman in Grenada Hills, CA was a proper decision under existing statute, the Second Amendment Foundation said today. In a 2-1 decision, a three- judge panel upheld a lower court’s ruling that the case, Ileto v. Glock, was nullified under the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). That federal statute was passed to prevent junk lawsuits against gun makers, and this specific case was cited during Congressional debate as precisely the kind of lawsuit the law would prohibit.”

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