Saturday, May 09, 2009

Louisiana singer shoots robber: "The shooting happened around 3:00 Tuesday morning at Boss Lady Lounge on Plank Road. Police have not identified the man who shot one of the armed robbers, but family members say it was 40-year-old Darnell Neal, a Baton Rouge singer. Police say while a group of musicians was loading their equipment into a vehicle, two masked men approached them. One of the men carried a sawed-off shotgun. Police say they robbed three of the musicians, but the fourth, supposedly Neal, grabbed a handgun from the vehicle and shot one of the robbery suspects several times. Police say he also fired at Poche, who managed to get away until being arrested around 12:30pm. The suspect who was shot was taken to a Baton Rouge hospital with critical injuries and has since been transported to a hospital in New Orleans for additional treatment. Police have not released his identity because he has not been charged yet. None of the robbery victims were hurt during the shooting. The investigation continues."

TX: Man Involved in Shooting Gets sent back to scene by cops: "It was 3 a.m. April 18 on the corner of Fuqua and Post Oak when a Houston man we're not identifying says he was brutally attacked and robbed by two suspects. That man was eventually able to overpower one of the robbers-- he took his gun and shot at least one of the suspects. That victim who spoke to FOX 26 by phone says he went to HPD's Fondren police station for help. He stumbled in bloodied and with the gun of one of the suspects he'd shot. Instead of getting immediate attention, the man tells FOX 26 he was told by an officer on duty at Fondren that he was at the wrong station. The victim says the officer also said it was shift change and he either should go back to the scene and wait or go to the right police substation. Eventually, police were able to arrest the two would be robbers. That came after the officer dispatched them to Post Oak and Fuqua. It's where the victim says he waited all bloodied and with that gun. FOX 26 learned that police officer is under investigation according to the captain at the Fondren station. As for the victim, he says he couldn't believe he was turned away for help by those who promise to protect and serve".

MA: Governor Patrick seeks to toughen gun laws: "“Backed by Mayor Thomas M. Menino and Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley, the Patrick administration asked lawmakers yesterday to allow prosecutors to hold suspects in gun cases without bail and to bar gun owners from buying more than one firearm within 30 days or face 2 1/2 years in prison. Those proposals were offered as part of a broader attack on gun-related violence [sic] in the state and were made after the Supreme Judicial Court on Monday banned prosecutors from seeking dangerousness hearings in illegal gun possession cases.”

A new way to ban guns — brand everyone as “terrorists” : “We have, in fact, reached the point at which simply affirming one’s devotion to the Constitution can be enough to be lableled a ‘terrorist’ threat. Now, in fact, it has become apparent that such ‘threats’ as followers of Norse mythology are among those who must be kept under close scrutiny. Back in February, I discussed White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s support (at a Brady Campaign event in 2007, when he was still a congressman) for legislation that would empower the Attorney General to block gun sales to anyone who is suspected of being a ‘terrorist.’”

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Ron Russell said...

I think some of our western states have a good idea when it comes to the Tenth Amendment in regards to interstate commerce. This could go somewhere should it ever get to the supreme court. With the present makeup of the court the bills and acts in Texas and Utah and elsewhere could stand a chance. Back door tactics to take guns from Americans by the Obama Administration will not succeed.