Saturday, May 23, 2009

Obama signs: "In a late afternoon Rose Garden ceremony, President Obama signed the “Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act,” or credit card bill of rights, and said card holders and card companies need to act responsibly when it comes to taking on and managing debt. At the Rose Garden ceremony, Obama did not mention one controversial element of the bill – an amendment that gave states the power to allow loaded concealed weapons in national parks and shelve a long-standing National Park Service rule against weapons."

Connecticut Man Fired back at Attempted Robbers: "Police said a man turned the tables on two men who attempted to rob him up in Groton. Police said the man had just finished doing some overnight banking at the Navy Federal Credit Union and was pulling out onto Gungywamp Road when two men in a dark car attempted to stop him. Police said the men began firing at the victim from their car. Police said they believe the men planned to rob the victim. Police said the victim also had a gun and began firing back, causing the men to flee in the car. Police spent the night searching the woods and back yards of nearby Navy apartments. Police said they are unsure whether the two men were struck by bullets fired from the victim's gun. The men's car was described as a dark, American-made, four-door sedan -- possibly an Oldsmobile or Buick with shot-out windows and possible bullet holes on the passenger side.

PA: Nasty male/female pair meet their match: "Using crutches to get around because of a gunshot injury to his foot, Jerome Francis Kuren hobbled inside a courtroom on Friday to be charged for allegedly robbing a man who was taken to a Pine Street home by a woman. It is the third time since May 11 that Kuren, 31, of Scranton, has been charged by police for robbing men at the home, according to arrest and court records.... Kuren suffered a gunshot wound to his foot during a similar incident at the Pine Street home on May 10, according to arrest records. Craig Budde told police he picked up Dunn on South Main Street and stopped at an automated teller machine to withdraw $60. Dunn told Budde to go to the Pine Street home, where he was invited inside. While sitting on a couch, Budde claimed Kuren came downstairs and threatened him with a pipe, according to arrest records. Budde brandished a .38-caliber handgun and followed Kuren and Dunn out a rear door. Once outside, arrest records say, Kuren approached Budde with the pipe when he fired the gun, hitting Kuren in the foot... Kuren and Dunn, 26, were charged in connection to the alleged incidents on May 6 and May 10."

OK pharmacy robber shot: "Police said they’re still trying to sort out the details at a southwest Oklahoma City pharmacy where a teenage boy was shot and killed during what the pharmacist said was a robbery attempt. Jerome Ersland said he shot Antwun Parker, 16, because he feared for his own life, but Parker’s family said that the Ersland didn’t need to shoot to kill. Customers at Reliable Pharmacy told Eyewitness News 5 on Friday that they support what Ersland did. “I feel sorry for the guy, but he shouldn’t have did bad,” said Sheila Kerr. “I think (Ersland) was in the right by having a gun. You have to protect yourself.” Police said Parker and another robber who had a gun were trying to steal money and drugs from the store." [This appears to be an update giving names to a story blogged here on 21st.]

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