Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pennsylvania robber shot: "An 18-year-old man is hospitalized after being shot in Olney by a man he allegedly tried to rob. It happened around 9:00 p.m. Thursday night at 3rd Street and Roosevelt Boulevard. Police say the 18-year-old was found shot in the leg. He was taken to Einstein Hospital. His injuries are said to be nonlife threatening. According to authorities, the 18-year-old was allegedly trying to rob the man who would eventually shoot him".

Pittsburgh, PA: Alleged Robber Shot Inside Bar: "An alleged robber was shot inside a Northside bar Friday night, emergency dispatchers said. Emergency dispatchers said a man was shot in the chest while attempting to rob the Cantina Lounge in the 2600 block of California Avenue. The alleged robber was said to be conscious and alert."

SC: Confiscated gun sales considered: “Selling guns is no longer just for gun dealers in Aiken. The Aiken Department of Public Safety wants to start selling some of its confiscated weapons to federally licensed dealers, ending a 10-year practice of destroying them. Department officials say sales could net the city’s general fund thousands of dollars, and officials say they have a quick answer for anyone who questions the policy. ‘Everybody says ‘Well, you’re putting them back on the street,” said Aiken Department of Public Safety Capt. Wendell Hall. ‘But you’re not always putting them in the hands of bad guys, and I contend that you’re probably rarely putting them in the hands of bad guys.’”

Why the Second Amendment should matter to those who dislike guns: “Congress will consider legislation next month that would require people wanting to speak in public to first undergo a background check and pay a permit fee. Not really! But how would you react if it was true? What if your other constitutional rights were treated the same was as your right to bear arms? Whether you own a gun or not, the Second Amendment should matter to you — because if one constitutional right can be taken away by majority rule, they all can be. Imagine if you had to get a government license before you were allowed to freely worship, or to be safe in your own home from warrantless searches and seizures. Or what if you had to get government permission to own a printing press?”

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