Saturday, May 02, 2009

Nebraska: Armored Truck Driver shoots and gets wounded: "Witnesses say an armored truck driver was shot below the knee in an attempted robbery outside the Douglas County Treasurer's Office at 7414 N. 30th Street. Sources tell Channel 6 News three men staked out the area for 30 minutes before the attack. The security guard, Princeton Hervey, told investigators he thought he had wounded at least one of the suspects. Sources say one of the would-be robbers was hit as many as four times in the mid-section and had to be helped back into the getaway van by the other two men. According to those at the scene, a white van pulled in front of the armored truck driver as he was coming out of the strip mall Friday morning. Hervey was walking toward his truck when he was tasered and then shot. Police confirm the suspects did get away with money. By late Friday afternoon the suspects were still at large.

Brave British shopkeeper ignores fake gun: "A shopkeeper who had an imitation firearm thrusted in his face says his attacker "deserves" the four-year jail term he has just been given. Mohammed Ahmed was in his Thornton Heath store when James Bradford convinced him to open up late one evening. Instead of buying anything, Bradford, who was known to Mr Ahmed, pulled out the fake gun and told the 50-year-old to hand over money from the till. The shop owner bravely refused, and when he picked up the phone to call the police, Bradford fled. After hearing that the gunman had been jailed at Croydon Crown Court this week, Mr Ahmed said: "He deserves it. "But with four years he will be out in two. I think he should serve the full four years."

NY: Proposal calls for registry of weapon offenders: “City residents convicted of a felony firearm possession crime in Utica would be required to register their home address and other personal information under a law proposed Wednesday by Mayor David Roefaro. The gun registry would require those charged in Utica with second- or third-degree criminal possession of a weapon to register with the city police department for four years following their completion of their sentence …. ‘Illegal guns are the cancer of this very country, borne out of the criminal’s disregard for others and for humanity itself,’ Roefaro said.Information in the registry … would be available to police officers who now often know little about the criminal histories of the people they encounter.”

ID: Rescue mission benefits from growing unease over gun rights: "“When Nampa gun store owner Roberta Regnier offered a chance to win an AR-15 rifle for anyone who brought in two cans of food, she got 7,000 entries and collected 10 tons of food for the Boise Rescue Mission. The winning ticket was drawn on April 15. The raffle piqued so much interest that Regnier’s Alpha Omega Services is doing another one — the shop’s third — this time for a new, 1927-style Tommy gun. Other businesses are catching on. Sheepdog Ammo in New Plymouth donated 1,000 rounds of ammunition to Regnier’s raffle. Archery Outfitters of Nampa is holding its own ‘Food for Bow and Arrows’ drive with a bow hunting package as the prize.”

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