Monday, May 04, 2009

NY: Resident shoots intruder : “Police are investigating a shooting in Ridge on Friday in which a witness says a resident of an apartment complex apparently shot a fleeing intruder. … One of the two residents of a unit in the Strathmore Ridge Apartments, home to a father and son, told Newsday there had been a break-in and a fleeing suspect was shot …. He said that, during the incident, two or three subjects broke into the apartment and that one was shot at least once in the leg attempting to flee.”

MO: Burglar shot by homeowner: “A woman whose house was being burglarized is believed to have shot one of the three men caught in her home early Thursday. The woman arrived at her home in northeast Columbia and found that her back door had been kicked open, according to a release from the Columbia Police Department. Inside, she found three men robbing her house. She left the house, and the men followed her. She told police that one of the men had a handgun and pointed it at her. She fired one round at the men.”

PA: Gun permit lawsuit dismissal hearing delayed : "There’s an unexpected delay in a hearing on a federal lawsuit filed by a Pennsylvania woman who insisted on openly wearing her holstered pistol to her daughter’s soccer games …. a Friday hearing on a motion to dismiss the lawsuit was canceled after a lawyer in the case was in a traffic accident. … [Sheriff] DeLeo revoked Hain’s concealed-weapons permit last year after other parents at the soccer games complained. A judge later reinstated her permit, but Hain sued. The Lebanon resident argued that the sheriff violated her Second Amendment rights and maliciously prosecuted her when he took away the permit.”

SAF, Calguns Foundation challenge California handgun ban scheme : “The Second Amendment Foundation, The Calguns Foundation and four California residents today filed a lawsuit challenging a California state law and regulatory scheme that arbitrarily bans handguns based on a roster of ‘certified’ handguns approved by the State. This case parallels a similar case filed in Washington, DC, Hanson v. District of Columbia.”

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