Wednesday, May 20, 2009

OK: Employee Shoots at Robbers: 1 Killed, 1 at Large: "Oklahoma City Police are searching for an armed man they believe was involved in the Tuesday robbery of a pharmacy. According to police, two armed men came into the Reliable Discount Pharmacy just before 6 p.m. An employee shot at the men, fatally hitting one of them. Leaving the wounded robber behind, the unidentified man ran from the store and into a nearby neighborhood. The police scoured the area, both on foot and from the air, but the man was not found. They were able to take a third man into custody, whom they believe is linked to the crime. The person police are searching for a black male with braided hair. He could be wearing a red shirt and carrying a gun. The employee who killed the robber was taken to police headquarters to answer questions about the event. The information collected will be given to the District Attorney's Office Wednesday for further consideration of criminal charges."

AR: Ordinance would repeal gun prohibition at park: “Sebastian County Judge David Hudson said he is drafting an ordinance to repeal the county’s ban on firearms at Ben Geren Park. Arkansas Carry contacted Sebastian County Judge David Hudson on May 7 asking him and the Sebastian County Quorum Court to repeal a county rule that bans firearms at Ben Geren Park. ‘This Act expressly prohibits Sebastian County from enacting any code, ordinance or regulation concerning the ownership, transfer, transportation, carrying, or possession of firearms …’ Arkansas Carry Vice Chairman Steve Jones noted in the May 7 letter.”

CA: Fedgoons’ raid on gun store, home nets 200 guns: "Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm agents seized more than 200 firearms and ammunition from a local gun store and the owner’s home, according to ATF officials. Agents arrived at Lock, Stock and Barrel in the 15000 block of Bear Valley Road and at store owner Steve Mitchell’s home in the 9500 block of Bellview Avenue in Apple Valley on Friday morning, according to Michael Hoffman, spokesman for the ATF. Hoffman would not disclose the details or the reason behind the seizure.”

TX: College handgun bill clears first Senate vote: “College students and faculty members with a concealed handgun license would be able to pack their firearms on campus under a bill that the Senate tentatively approved on Tuesday. … Sen. Jeff Wentworth, R-San Antonio, said the right-to-carry measure also would protect students from other life-threatening situations. ‘When I read about massacre in Virginia (in 2007), I felt I would feel personally guilty if it woke up one morning and read that this had happened on one of our college campuses and I had done nothing to prevent it from happening,’ Wentworth explained to other senators. … The measure, which needs a final vote in the Senate, faces an uphill battle in the House.”

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