Thursday, May 14, 2009

MI: Woman fires shots at would-be intruders : “A homeowner on the Detroit’s east side thwarted three robbers by firing out of her bedroom as the men made their way up the steps inside her home, according to police. A neighbor at 5 a.m. today noticed the three men breaking in the kitchen window of the home in the 900 block of Algonquin, according to Detroit Police. He called the cell phone of the man who lives there, who was on his way home from work. The homeowner then called his wife, woke her and told her to get their gun. Hearing footsteps on the stairs, she fired a number of shots, missing the thieves. The husband arrived home just as the men were climbing back out of the window, and they escaped.”

British good neighbor wrestles armed raider to floor... and makes him cry: "The drama began at 10pm on Sunday March 3 when three youths barged into the shop as Mohammed, 54, locked up. Leslie - who was relaxing upstairs in his two-bedroom flat with partner Steph and 18-month-old daughter Caitlin - rushed down to investigate as the shop had been targeted by thieves earlier that day. He said: 'I ran in and asked what they were doing there and they started shouting and swearing. 'One of them said, "you don't know who I am" and after we exchanged a few words one of them pulled out the gun and brought it right up to my face. 'I stepped forward towards him and put my hand over the muzzle and kept it down and then pushed his face down on the floor.' The scuffle spilled into the street and Leslie jostled the gunman to the ground - where he started crying, claiming he was 'sorry' and it was all a misunderstanding. Leslie said: 'When I had him pinned down at the end and had taken the gun off him I told him, "how dare you pull a gun on me in public". 'I told him that he had ruined his life through his actions as the police were going to turn up any second and he started to cry. 'He begged forgiveness from Mohammed and told him there had been a mistake.' Shop owner Mohammed, 54, who has given Leslie a bottle of Champagne to say thank you, said: 'I am very grateful to Les.... The 19-year-old was arrested on suspicion of attempted robbery and two other men, aged 17 and 23, were arrested nearby. They have all been bailed pending further enquiries."

Necessity for protection creating new gun owners: “There are millions of new gun owners in this country since the continuing decline of the economy leads not only to fears that desperation will cause crime levels to increase, but also to a decrease in police protection from financially strapped cities and towns. More and more people are realizing they must take responsibility for their own safety.”

Meanwhile, across the pond in Sarah Brady paradise: "Gun owners in the U.S. should heed our British friend’s advice and warning about what awaits us, should The Brady Campaign et al succeed in establishing UK-style citizen disarmament edicts here: ‘For my American readers — the time to fight for your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, a right which might one day save the life of yourself or your family, is now. Before you lose it.’ I suggest we listen to the voice of experience.”

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Ron Russell said...

Guns rights are necessary and deter many acts that would otherwise occur and thereby go unreported. Many point to the thousands that are killed each year in gun related accidents, but then thousands are killed each year in auto accidents. The auto is vital to the individual and I would like to aid the gun is also vital to the individual and the protection of his family.