Friday, December 11, 2009

AK: Road rage incident ends when gun comes out: "A gun-brandishing driver involved in a road-rage incident in downtown Wasilla on Wednesday was stopped by Wasilla police officers, weapons drawn, at a Tesoro gas station just outside city limits. No charges were filed. Manrique said the man's actions fell into the category of self-defense. No one was injured, he said, describing the whole road-rage encounter, in a word, as "stupidity." Under a new city policy, he couldn't name either man involved. Everything started with a heated argument at the crowded intersection of the Parks Highway and Main Street just before 3 p.m., police said. One man -- the 24-year-old with the 10-millimeter Glock -- thought the other man was tailgating him, Manrique said. The other guy, who had his two children in the car and was apparently responding to an emergency call from his wife, got out of his car and started yelling, telling the first driver he was going to beat him up. "He felt in fear," the officer said of the 24-year-old. "He showed him he had a handgun. Told him he was going to use the handgun and stick it up his you-know-what."

Colo. shooting self defense: "The Mesa County DA's Office will not file any charges in last month's shooting death of 42-year-old Crystal Nash. Nash was shot in the driveway at 3007 Rood Avenue, near 30 and D Roads November 1st. A man in his 20's was also shot during the incident but suffered only minor injuries. Mesa County District Attorney Pete Hautzinger has determined the shooting was in self defense, but does not fall under Colorado's "Make My Day" Law. The investigation reveals an intoxicated Nash, armed with a .9mm handgun, confronted a neighbor at his home, accusing him of calling Sheriff Deputies. According to authorities, the neighbor asked Nash to drop her weapon, she refused and started to bring the handgun up. Investigators say that's when the neighbor shot Nash 9 times. In a letter sent to Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey, Hautzinger writes: "I regret the death of Ms. Nash and extend my sympathies and condolences to her family. By declining to file criminal charges here I do not intend to condone or endorse anything that happened; I certainly believe that neighborhood disputes are usually better resolved without firearms being involved. Under the totality of the circumstances present here, however, I cannot in good conscience file any sort of criminal charges."

New York: Wounded Jewelry Store Owner Detains Robbery Suspect: "A Nassau County jewelry store owner was shot in the torso as he faced three would-be robbers and, amazingly, was able to detain one suspect until police arrived. At 7:11 p.m., three suspects — a woman and two men — attempted to rob Papandrew Jewelers, located at 11 Sunrise Highway at Franklin Avenue in Valley Stream. One man, Edward Hamilton, 24, of Brooklyn, produced a handgun and the store owner retrieved his own gun from behind a display case, according to police. The two exchanged gunfire when Hamilton jumped over the display case. The store owner sustained a gunshot in the torso. Hamilton and Gloria Cortes, 20, of Brooklyn, who was posing as a customer, fled the store. The injured store owner was remarkably able to roll onto the third robber — Bryan Kenner, 28, of South Ozone Park, and hold him until police arrived at the scene. At 8:53 p.m., Lynbrook detectives found Cortes at a parking lot on Rockaway Avenue and West Jamaica Avenue in Valley Stream. Bureau of Special Operations Officers were able to located and arrest Hamilton at his home at 10:25 p.m. Hamilton was acting as the group's lookout. The store owner was taken to South Nassau Communities Hospital, where he is listed in stable condition."

Indiana: Apparent robber fatally shot by homeowner: "State police say a southern Indiana homeowner fatally shot one of two men who had entered his house in an apparent robbery. Police were searching Wednesday for the second man, who fled from the house near the Washington County city of Salem after Tuesday night’s shooting. The homeowner told investigators that a man knocked on the door asking to use the telephone. As that man came inside, another man wearing a mask entered as well. The homeowner said he retrieved a gun and shot the first man. Police identified the slain man as 36-year-old Ronald L. Chastain of Salem.

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