Monday, December 14, 2009

Pa.: Man shot and killed by off-duty officer during robbery: "A man shot by an off-duty police officer Saturday night during a robbery died yesterday morning, police said. Dennis Dooley, 24, of the Hill District died at UPMC Mercy, Uptown, shortly after 1 a.m. He had been shot in the chest around 5:30 p.m. Saturday by a 17-year veteran of the city police bureau after pointing a gun at the officer in a Hill District bar, police said. According to police, Dooley and another man entered Larry's Bar in the 2000 block of Fifth Avenue wearing masks. One woman was behind the bar, and another was in the back of the building helping the off-duty officer repair a bathroom door. The woman behind the bar ran into the bathroom and told the officer, who has not been identified, that the bar was being robbed. Dooley followed her. Dooley forced open the bathroom door and raised his gun toward the officer, police said. The officer had already drawn his gun after being told of the robber, and he fired three times, hitting Dooley in the upper left chest, police said. Dooley and the other masked man ran out of the bar. Dooley collapsed two blocks away, at Forbes and Jumonville, police said. His gun was not recovered. Deputy Chief Paul Donaldson said the officer was justified in shooting Dooley. "Absolutely," Donaldson said. "The officer fired in his own self-defense."

Pennsylvania: Teacher pulls a gun to stop an attack outside the school: "Criminal justice instructor Michael Minto was leaving the Kaplan Career Institute in Swatara Township on Monday night when he spotted a man being stabbed, police said. Minto pulled his gun and ordered the attacker to drop his knife, police said. The attacker fled, and authorities said Minto’s actions likely saved the life of Dillon Mitchell, 30, of Harrisburg. If Minto had not intervened, “We might be talking about someone who died,” said Deputy Swatara Township Police Chief Jason D. Umberger. “There are not many citizens out there that would have the courage to take that action. Police were looking on Tuesday night for Kevin Forde [above], 29, of North Sixth Street, Harrisburg in connection with the attack. Forde is charged with attempted homicide and aggravated assault. Umberger said Mitchell left the 5650 Derry St. school around 10:30 p.m. with Ayanna Carter, who is Forde’s wife. Forde approached them and an argument started, leading to the stabbing, Umberger said... Umberger said Forde was on probation or parole and has a history of assault and terroristic threat charges."

NJ: Quadriplegic man finally permitted to have and fire gun: "After a two-and-a-half-year legal battle — and 30 years of longing — Jamie Cap, a Manville resident, is now permitted to have and fire a gun. … the 46-year-old was rendered quadriplegic after being tackled during a high school football game. Cap is physically unable to hold a gun or pull a trigger. But he missed the thrill of hunting and firing a weapon — something he said he started in his youth. After some research, he found that there was technology that would allow him to experience shooting again. The only way a person can buy a gun in New Jersey is to have a firearms purchaser identification card … Cap first applied for the ID in May 2007. He waited until December 2008, to find that he had been rejected.”

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