Friday, December 18, 2009

MD: Two shot in apparent home robbery try: "A Pikesville man shot two men who were apparently trying to rob his house Tuesday night, according to Baltimore County police. Both were expected to survive. One man was taken from the house to an area hospital for treatment, and police said they later found the other at a hospital after he fled the shooting scene in the 9000 block of Saracen Drive. The resident told police that he and another man were entering the house about 10:20 p.m. when they were attacked. The suspects and the resident knew each other, according to police, but the extent of their relationship was unknown. "It appeared the suspects were waiting for them and forced their way in behind them," police spokesman Lt. Robert McCullough said. No one had been arrested in the case, he said."

VA shooting ruled self-defense: "A Carrollton man will not be tried for murder in an October shooting after the Commonwealth’s Attorney ruled he shot in self-defense. Chad Andrew Kinney shot and killed Glen Bauwens, and shot and wounded Dennis Bailey, at a cemetery in Eclipse the night of Oct. 17. In a letter to Suffolk Chief of Police Thomas Bennett, Commonwealth’s Attorney Phil Ferguson said his office “will not proceed with a criminal prosecution in this matter.” Kinney was fully cooperative with police at the scene and with the investigation that ensued, the letter said, and the evidence at the scene supports his side of the story. An autopsy and medical investigation revealed both men who were shot were intoxicated at the time. Kinney told Suffolk Police he saw a large truck driving erratically on Bridge Road while he was on his way to his stepfather’s house. The two vehicles turned onto Eclipse Drive, with Kinney behind the truck. The truck had its turn signal on, and Kinney went around the truck because he believed it was getting ready to turn off Eclipse Drive. At that time, the truck began pursuing Kinney, and Kinney believed he had made the driver angry, according to the letter. Kinney then pulled into the cemetery to allow the truck to pass, and was going to leave the area after it left. However, the truck pulled in behind Kinney, completely blocking the cemetery driveway, according to the letter. Bailey and Bauwens got out of the truck and approached Kinney’s car, one on either side, yelling and cursing. Kinney then heard his driver’s side window “explode,” and believed it was from a gunshot. He shot Bauwens through his passenger side window and then shot Bailey through his broken driver’s window."

GA store owner justified in shooting robbers: "The District Attorney says a Bainbridge store owner who shot at a couple of robbers as they ran out of his store, was justified. After two men held a gun to Thomas Wright's head, pointed the barrel at his daughter, then stole his money he fought back with gunfire. "My daughter is what was on my mind I didn't want anything to happen in the store so I got them outside so I could take care of business out there," said Wright, owner of Port One Liquors. And that's what he did. "I waited until I silhouetted them against that transformer over there. The 2nd shot he fell down," said Wright. That's where the robber dropped his gun but it's unclear as to whether Wright actually hit him. "That night we checked all the area hospitals and are continuing to check and we haven't had any reports," said Sheriff Wiley Griffin. But the fact that Wright shot at all when the robbers were already out of his store and running away, raises the question, was he in within his rights? "It appears by all means that the clerk was justified by the use of deadly force," said Mulholland. In the video we hear the robbers threaten him verbally and physically threaten him and his daughter with a weapon. District Attorney Joe Mulholland believes he did what a reasonable person would do."

Terrorism and gun control: A perfect march: "The terrorist attack … at Fort Hood, Texas brought the lack of security at such a large military base directly into homes across America.Leaders of the pro-gun movement, and many soldiers, weren’t quite as shocked because they knew most military bases are considered ‘gun-free zones,’ …Whether [the] attack on American soldiers was sponsored by one of the bigger terrorist organizations is irrelevant since it gave terrorists a road map to complete similar attacks in the future. You can bet our enemies learned valuable lessons from his ability to kill so many of our best and brightest in such a short period of time. In one fell swoop, he taught terrorists where millions of Americans are essentially defenseless.”

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